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Team GyanPark 3 May, 2019

Valleys of Nepal, Altitude and their Located District

Valleys of Nepal, their Altitude and their Located District.

Team GyanPark 25 Mar, 2019

Some of the Important Prizes/Awards

Some of the Important Prizes/Awards of this year 2018/2075 are given here: Communication Award 2018: Swarnim Wagle Integrity Idol Nepal 2018...

Team GyanPark 24 Mar, 2019 1

Geographic Location of Nepal

The Geographic Location of Nepal include the following facts. FactSheet: Located in East Northern Hemisphere with 26 ° 22'N to 30 ° 27&#...

Team GyanPark 24 Mar, 2019

MCQs on Sustainable Development and Environmental Ecosystem

MCQs on Sustainable Development and Environmental Ecosystem ...

Team GyanPark 14 Mar, 2019

MCQs Test on the topic "Science and Invention"

Test yourself with GyanPark's MCQs on the topic "Science and Inventions". To start  the Quiz, click the "Start Quiz"...

Team GyanPark 11 Mar, 2019

Important Facts about Nobel Prize

Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 21, 1833. famous scientist (well known for dynamite invention), inventor,...

Team GyanPark 19 Nov, 2018

Madan Puraskar and Jagadamba Shree Puraskar 2075

Neelam Karki "Niharika" has been awarded Madan Puraskar 2075 for Novel "Yogmaya". Similarly, Shanta Das Manandhar has be...

Team GyanPark 27 Aug, 2018

Nepal's Lakes and their located Districts

Some Important Lakes of Nepal and their features. Rara Lake/Mahendra Daha Located at Mugu District of Nepal (altitude 2972 m from sea level)...

Team GyanPark 21 Aug, 2018

Nepal's Provincial Division and their Unique Features

Constitution of Nepal 2072 declared to go into the federal system. In this way, Nepal has a central government, 7 provincial states, 77 dist...

Team GyanPark 2 Jul, 2018