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Nepal Parichaya 11th Edition 2080. नेपाल परिचय एघारौं संस्करण (२०८०). Click the below Picture to download Nepal Parichaya 11th Edition.

About Nepal Parichaya (Intro Nepal) 11th Edition 

The Department of Information (currently Information and Broadcasting) started in 2069 with the aim of providing brief information about the overall aspects of the country, especially to the young generation, including the glorious history of Nepal, geographical, biological, religious, cultural and linguistic, diversity, economic, administrative, political, social, legal and foreign affairs. Nepal Parichaya (Intro Nepal) book is being published. Efforts have been made to cover the sources of information as much as possible in this edition for the reliability of the information regarding the mentioned parties.

Chapter-1 of this Nepal Parichaya 11th Edition book covers the geographical introduction of Nepal, its location, division, political division of Nepal, union, state, and local level, natural resources and resources of Nepal, population, national park, wildlife reservation, hunting reservation, conservation area, and fauna. In the Chapter-2, the brief historical outline of Nepal, the basis of naming Nepal, the origin of Nepal Valley, ancient Nepal, and various periods and political development are covered. Chapter-3 of this 11th Edition of Nepal Parichaya is written about the constitutional development of Nepal, while Chapter-4 includes the public administration of Nepal. In the same way, Chapter-5 includes the economic development of Nepal, and Chapter-6 includes the social life of Nepal, ethnic diversity, housing, lifestyle and costumes, and the cultural and natural heritage of Nepal listed in the World Heritage List.

The Chapter-8 mentions the language, literature, and art of Nepal, while the Chapter-8 covers infrastructure development, health, education, sports, drinking water and sanitation, transportation, energy, irrigation, communication, and information technology in Nepal. In Chapter-9 of this book, the subject of mass communication and journalism in Nepal is briefly mentioned. The Chapter-10 is about Nepal's foreign policy and international relations. In the Chapter-11, the book has been prepared covering the important places of Nepal from historical, religious, and tourist points of view.

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Nepal Parichay 2080 Version. Intro Nepal 2023.
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