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Nepal is an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular, inclusive, democratic, socialist-oriented, federal democratic republic state.

Nepal has multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious, multi-cultural and geographical diversity. It is this diversity that has established Nepal as a separate and original identity in the world.

In the world, Nepal is also known as the country of Mount Everest, the country of Lord Gautama Buddha, the country of heroes, the land of peace, and the country of temples. Four places of Nepal are included in the World Heritage List.

They are historical, cultural, touristic, heritage under the national park. Nepal is a beautiful country full of diversity.

Nepal has a geographical combination of mountains, hills and plains, while there is also diversity in culture, but there is unity in diversity.

With the passage of time, Nepal's political, administrative, economic, social, etc. aspects are changing and improving, and as Nepal's independence, geographical integrity and national unity have become stronger, it has contributed to achieving the national aspiration of "Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali" through the protection of civil rights and interests.

The Nepal Introduction Book prepared with the purpose of providing information about the overall aspect of Nepal covers the geographical situation of Nepal, political and constitutional development, current governance system, administrative system, economic system and development efforts, different castes, languages, customs and cultures are included.

This book covers East Mechi of Nepal to West Mahakali (Across the Mahakali of Nepal Bhumi Mahakali Municipality (including Dodhara Chandni) and from North Himal Up to South Terai and all the subjects of the seven provinces have been covered in a concise form.

In order to address the changing context while continuing to publish the book, based on official facts and evidence, the form of federalism, the current economic system, and the new map of Nepal have also been included.

Nepal Parichaya 10th Edition (Download)

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Topic Coverings:

Chapter: One
Geographical introduction of Nepal
1.1 Geographical Location
1.2 Geographical Division
1.2.1 Division of Nepal on the basis of landforms
1.2.2 Division of Nepal on the basis of rivers
1.2.3 Division of Nepal on the basis of climate
1.3 Political Division of Nepal (Federation, State and Local Levels)
1.3.1 Federation
1.3.2 Province
1.3.3 Local levels of Nepal
1.4 Nepal's natural resources and resources
1.4.1 Land
1.4.2 Land Legal System and Land Use in Nepal
1.4.3 Forest
1.4.4 Minerals
1.4.5 Water Resources
1.4.6 Lakes, ponds and ponds
1.5 Population of Nepal
1.6 Nepal's National Parks, Wildlife Reserves, Game Reserves, Protected Areas and Protected Animals in Nepal

Chapter: Two
A brief historical outline of Nepal
2.1 Nepal as an ancient country
2.2 Basis of naming Nepal
2.2.1. linguistic basis
2.2.2 Caste basis
2.3 Origin of Nepal Valley
2.4 Ancient Nepal
2.4.1 Gopalbanshi rulers
2.4.2 Mahishapalbanshi kings
2.4.3 Kiratbanshi kings
2.4.4 Lichchavi period
2.4.5 Pre-Medieval Period
2.4.6 Karnataka State of Simraungadh
2.4.7 Khas Malla State of Karnali Pradesh
2.4.8 Shakya-ruled kingdom of Kapilavastu
2.5 Middle Ages
2.5.1 Introduction to the Malla dynasty
2.5.2 Arrival of Mallas in Nepal
2.5.3 Division of the Malla kingdom
2.6 Modern period
2.6.1 Introduction to the Shah dynasty
2.6.2 Establishment of Gorkha State
2.6.3 Prithvi Narayan Shah and the Nepal Unification Campaign
2.7 Ranasan period
2.8 Political development after Rana period
2.8.1 Developments from 2007 to 2017
2.8.2 The two decades from 2017 to 2037
2.8.3 From Referendum to Mass Movement
2.8.4 The People's Movement of 2046 and its subsequent politics

Chapter: Three
Constitutional development of Nepal
3.1 Constitutional development of Nepal
3.1.1 Government of Nepal Statutory Law, 2004
3.1.2 Interim Government of Nepal Act, 2007
3.1.3 Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 2015
3.1.4 Constitution of Nepal, 2019
3.1.5 Constitution of the Dominion of Nepal, 2047
3.1.6 Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063
3.1.7 Constitution of Nepal Features of the Constitution of Nepal Fundamental rights mentioned in the Constitution of Nepal right and duty Federal Government Form Regional Government Form local government form

Chapter: four
Public Administration of Nepal
4.1 Antiquity (V.No. 1825 Agadi)
4.2 Medieval Period (v.No. 1825-2007)
4.3 Modern Period (V.No. 2007-2063)
4.4 The Postmodern Period (V.No. 2063 see Halsam)
4.5 Existing Structure of Public Administration in Nepal

Chapter: Five
Nepal's economic development
5.1 Nepalama Planned Development
5.1.1 First Five Year Plan (2013-2018)
5.1.2 Dosro Three Year Plan (2019-2022)
5.1.3 Tesro Five Year Plan (2022-2027)
5.1. Fourth Five Year Plan (2027-2032)
5.1.5 Fourth Five Year Plan (2032-2037)
5.1.6 Sixty-sixth Five Year Plan (2037-2042)
5.1.7 Seventh Five Year Plan (2042-2047)
5.1.8 Eighth Five Year Plan (2049-2054)
5.1.9 Ninth Five Year Plan (2054-2059)
5.1.10 Tenth Five Year Plan (2059-2064)
5.1.11 Agharaun Three Year Interim Plan (2064/65-2066/67)
5.1.12 External Three Year Plan (2067/68-2069/70)
5.1.13 Teraun Scheme (Economic Year 2070/71-2072/73)
5.1.14 Chaudhoun Scheme (2073/74-2075/76)
5.1.15 Long Term Thinking 2100
5.1.16 Pandharon Yojana (Economic Year 2076/77-2080/81)
5.2 Favors of Economic Development
5.2.1 Agriculture
5.2.2 Industry
5.2.3 Business
5.2.4 Tourism
5.2.5 Foreign employment
5.3. A.W. Budget for 2079/80

Chapter: Six
Social life and culture of Nepal
6.1 Social life of Nepal
6.1.1 Ethnic diversity
6.1.2 The Scheduled Tribes of Nepal
6.1.3 Residence, behavior and dress
6.1.4 Brief introduction of different castes and castes of Nepal
6.1.5 Various castes, classes, communities of Nepal and arrangements made by the state for their upliftment
6.1.6 Social Security Provisions
6.2 Cultural life of Nepal
6.2.1 Major festivals and festivals celebrated in Nepal
6.2.2 Description of cultural heritage of Nepal
6.2.3 Nepal's cultural and natural heritage listed in the World Heritage List Cultural heritage of Nepal in the World Heritage List Natural heritage listed in the World Heritage List Potential World Heritage Sites
6.2.4 Long Term Policy on Conservation of National Cultural Heritage

Chapter: Seven
Language, Literature and Art of Nepal
7.1 Language
7.1.1 Major languages ​​spoken in Nepal (as per National Census 2068)
7.1.2 Development and expansion of Nepali language
7.1.3 Language families
7.1.4 Some Linguistic Scripts
7.2 Literature
7.2.1 Major literary awards of Nepal
7.3 Movies
7.4 Art
7.4.1 Nepalese architecture and its characteristics
7.4.2 Nepali painting and its characteristics
7.4.3 Nepali art and its characteristics
7.4.4 Nepali woodwork and its features
7.4.5 Some popular songs, music and dances in Nepal

Chapter: Eight
Infrastructure development in Nepal
8.1 Education
8.2 Health
8.3 Sports
8.3.1 Nepal National Sports
8.3.2 Major Domestic Sports Competitions of Nepal
8.3.3 Sports Museum of Nepal
8.3.4 Nepal's participation in international sports
8.3.1 Nepal in Olympic Games
8.3.6 Nepal in South Asian Games
8.4 Water supply and sanitation
8.5 Transportation
8.5.1 Road Transport
8.5.2 Air Transport
8.5.3 Rail Transportation
8.6 Energy
8.7 Irrigation
8.8 Communication and Information Technology
8.9 Environment and Climate Change
8.10 Sustainable Development

Chapter: Nine
Mass Communication and Journalism in Nepal
9.1 Mass Media and Journalism
9.1.1 Print media
9.1.2 Television
9.1.3 Radio Broadcasts
9.1.4 Online Media
9.2. National News Committee
9.3 Entities Related to Communications

Chapter: ten
Foreign Policy and International Relations of Nepal
10.1 Nepal's foreign policy and its fundamentals
10.2 Nepal's International Relations: Historical Overview
10.3 United Nations and Nepal
10.4 SAARC and Nepal
10.5 Historical Treaty Agreements on Nepal India Relations
10.6 Historical Treaties of Nepal and Sino-Tibet Relations

Chapter: Eleven
Historically, religiously and touristically important places of Nepal

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