B.Sc. Fourth Year Project Work (PRO 406) Guideline 2078.

B.Sc. Fourth Year Project Work (PRO 406) Guideline 2078.  Click Here TABLE OF CONTENTS  (Comment: Center, All caps, Bold, Font size 16...

Team GyanPark 24 Jun, 2022

Nepal is preparing for operation of 'the National Space Research Center'

Proposal of four sub-centers related to research, study, and construction under the center Preparations are underway to operate a 'Natio...

Team GyanPark 29 Oct, 2021

Interesting context of Albert Einstein's life

Even the post of President is rejected, simplicity and zero importance Who is Albert Einstein? Albert Einstein is one of the most famous peo...

Susmita Paudel 29 Oct, 2021

Nepal's issues in the climate conference

It is estimated that Nepal will need २४ 24 billion by 2030 to adapt to climate change and २५ 25 billion to mitigate the effects. But not onl...

Team GyanPark 26 Oct, 2021

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Team GyanPark 18 Aug, 2020

Snakes of Medical Importance in Nepal

So far, 89 snake species have been recorded in Nepal. Among this great diversity of snakes, we know with certainty of 17 species of snake th...

Team GyanPark 23 May, 2020 1