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Nepal at risk of Zika Virus

The border of Nepal reached 89 in Uttar Pradesh of India, Nepal has not been tested yet. The number of people infected with the mosquito-bor...

Team GyanPark 9 Nov, 2021

Pig Kidney Transplantation into Human become successful

Doctors in the United States have successfully transplanted a pig's kidney into humans. The transplant at Langone Health, led by Dr. Rob...

Team GyanPark 27 Oct, 2021

Hey Human, It's me Nature

Human is only one creature responsible for destroying nature

Team GyanPark 19 Dec, 2018

Health Related Important Information

Average  resting heart rate : 60 - 100 beats per minute. for well-trained athletes is 40 - 60 beats per minute. Normal Blood pressure: 120/8...

Team GyanPark 19 Dec, 2018

The Most Common Causative Agents of Food Poisoning

Bacteria and viruses are the most common cause of food poisoning while the severity may vary depending on the which bacterium or virus has c...

Team GyanPark 28 Jun, 2018

Quality Control, Risk and Quality Risk Management

Quality: Concepts What is quality? It is a multifaceted question, difficult to answer in the abstract. Four fitness that explains the evolut...

Team GyanPark 28 Mar, 2018

SALMONELLA - Morphology, Laboratory diagnosis, Cultural characteristics

SALMONELLA The Salmonella are facultative anaerobic Gram-negative bacilli, motile, non‐capsulated, non-sporing organism. Salmonella cur...

Team GyanPark 28 Mar, 2018

ENTEROCOCCUS: Morphology, Lab Diagnosis and Control

Enterococcus/Group D Streptococcus: Group D Streptococci Former Lancefield Group D is classified in 1980 into two groups. Enterococci Fecal ...

Team GyanPark 28 Mar, 2018

Agarose and Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Matrices

Introduction Fig: Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE) During the last years molecular biology techniques, such as polymerase chain rea...

Team GyanPark 28 Mar, 2018