Pig Kidney Transplantation into Human become successful

Doctors in the United States have successfully transplanted a pig's kidney into humans.

The transplant at Langone Health, led by Dr. Robert Montgomery, director of the Transplant Institute at New York University, was a success, according to Reuters.

A kidney transplant was performed on a person whose brain had died. The transplanted kidney worked for about three days, according to Reuters.

Leading physician Dr. Montogomeri told Reuters the transplanted kidney had "worked well".

The transplanted kidney reportedly gave "an estimated amount of urine." According to the doctors involved in the transplantation, there was no sign of rejection at the beginning when the gene-modified pig's kidney was transplanted into humans.

The amount of creatinine in the kidney transplant recipient was stable. "The patient's creatinine levels returned to normal after the transplant," Dr. Montgomery was quoted as saying by Reuters. '

Although the patient tried to become a donor, his organs stopped working. But the family has given permission for a kidney transplant for research, said Dr. Montgomery.

As the current transplantation is only for one and three days, the doctors involved in the transplantation have said that it will widen the scope of other research to be done in the future.

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