BSC Microbiology Past Questions (TU)

Chakrapani Bhandari 17 Feb, 2024

Department of Drug Administration issues directive not to use 103 antibiotic drugs (with list)

The government of Nepal has instructed consumers and stakeholders not to use one hundred and three types of antibiotics. Narayan Prasad Dhak...

Team GyanPark 20 Sep, 2023

Microbiology Field Visit Report

Here is a sample, how to write a field visit report for BSc. Microbiology 4th year Tribhuvan University Nepal. Report on Field visit to BPKI...

Team GyanPark 27 Dec, 2018

Presentation on Shigella

Presentation on Medical Microbiology. Introduction : Shigella is named after the Japanese microbiologist Kiyoshi Shiga who isolated the fir...

Team GyanPark 19 Dec, 2018

The Most Common Causative Agents of Food Poisoning

Bacteria and viruses are the most common cause of food poisoning while the severity may vary depending on the which bacterium or virus has c...

Team GyanPark 28 Jun, 2018

B.Sc. Microbiology Exam Question Papers Tribhuvan University

BSc. Microbiology Tribhuvan University Nepal Board Exam Paper Collection 2074/75. (These papers are provided us by Abinav Acharya, Amrit Sci...

Team GyanPark 4 May, 2018 3

Quality Control, Risk and Quality Risk Management

Quality: Concepts What is quality? It is a multifaceted question, difficult to answer in the abstract. Four fitness that explains the evolut...

Team GyanPark 28 Mar, 2018