Loksewa Barshik Karyatalika 2080/081 (Yearly Calendar/Exam Schedule)

Yearly Calendar of Civil Service, Security Force and Government Corporations. Loksewa Barshik Karyatalika of Nijamati Sewa, Suraksha nikaya,...

Loksewa Diary 5 Nov, 2023

Financial Policy and Monetary Policy

Point out some differences between Financial Policy and Monetary Policy Financial policy and monetary policy are both important tools used b...

Team GyanPark 4 Apr, 2023

Loksewa Yearly Calendar 2079/080

Lok Sewa Yearly Calendar 2079/080 PSC Exam Plan Loksewa Karyatalika Loksewa Exam Schedules PSC Nepal Loksewa Nepal Calendar loksewa karyatal...

Chakrapani Bhandari 17 Jul, 2022

Nasu Exam 2nd Paper, 2079

nasu exam paper nasu second paper 2079 nasu exam date 2079 first paper nasu second paper exam date 2079 nasu second paper exam date nasu s...

Susmita Paudel 4 Jun, 2022 1

International Days

JANUARY 27 January: International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust  FEBRUARY 4 February:  World Cancer Day [WH...

Team GyanPark 21 Jul, 2021

Daily Loksewa Doses: Day 1

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Team GyanPark 5 Jul, 2021

KP Sharma Oli appointed Prime Minister for the third time

Oli became Prime Minister for the third time: ✓ For the first time - 24 Ashoj 072 ✓ Second time - 3 Falgun 074 ✓ Third time - 30 Baishakh 0...

Team GyanPark 14 May, 2021

Officer 6th Bagmati Province Questions

Low-corruption country (CPI Report 2020) - New Zealand. Construction of Rani Mahal of Palpa by Khadga Shamsher. Prosperous Nepal Happy Nepal...

Team GyanPark 31 Mar, 2021

The Constitutional Evolution of Nepal

The constitution provides the basic structures of the state system; the executive, the judiciary, the legislature, and other bodies in accor...

Susmita Paudel 20 Mar, 2021

Section Officer Syllabus

Section Officer Syllabus for Complete Guideline. Paper-II: - Governance Systems  Section (A) - 10 Marks × 3 Questions = 30 Marks  1. Sta...

Team GyanPark 11 Oct, 2020