Officer 6th Bagmati Province Questions

  • Low-corruption country (CPI Report 2020) - New Zealand.
  • Construction of Rani Mahal of Palpa by Khadga Shamsher.
  • Prosperous Nepal Happy Nepali has 6 dimensions of happiness. 
  • The order of the planets closest to the Sun - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars. 
  • How many ropanis per bigha = 13.61. 
  • District Coordination Committee is composed of 9 members.
  • One Village One Product Program (OVOP) launched first time from Japan. 
  • Determining rights of the ward of the Rural Municipality is of Government of Nepal. 
  • UNO Declaration of Human Rights was issued on Dec.10, 1948. 
  • Countries opened for foreign employment 110, (Privately opened countries - 172). 
  • Match pairs.  Dance and Caste/Community
Dhan Nach- Limbu
Sorathi Nach- Magar
Dhime Nach - Newar
Ghatu Nach- Dura
Officer 6th Bagmati Province (2077 Chaitra 14) Questions with Answers. Answering All of the MCQs. PPSC Bagmati Province Loksewa Exam Paper. Syllabus PPSC Bagmati.
  • The order of number of districts in the Provinces - Bagmati, Gandaki, Karnali, Sudurpashcim. 
  • The order of Ocean from small to large - Artic, Antarctic, Indian, Atlantic, Pacific. 
  • No. of Municipalities-6. 
  • Official language of UNO - 6. 
  • Number of Judges in the International Court of Justice-15. 
  • Top 3 countries that attract more tourists to Nepal - India, China, USA. 
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Indices-117 and 169. 
  • International Literacy Day - September 8. 
  • Number of landlocked nations - 48. 
  • Population below poverty line as per 15th plan - 18.7 percent. 
  • Full form of WWW - World Wide Web. 
  • Fifth country with more tourists in Nepal - Sri Lanka. 
  • Elimination of Beefer in Nepal - 2034 BS. 
  • Agendas passed at the Earth Conference - Agenda 21, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Forestation.
  • Theory of Relativity - Albert Einstein. 
  • Jagdamba Shri  Award-2076 Winner - Shanti Thatal. 
  • What is Gmail Junk - Spam. 
  • DOTS initially implemented in 4 districts. 
  • Volleyball has been declared as a national sport of Nepal. 
  • Large country by population - China. 
  • First Conference on Environment - 1972. 
  • Magna Carta - The beginning of the independence of British citizens. 
  • Average Tourist Stay Day in Nepal - 13 days.
  • Agenda set by Sustainable Development 1992 - Forest Conservation.
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