Where and How to find GIS data/shape file of Nepal?

If you are researcher, student, project manager, engineer, environmentalist, humanitarian worker, GIS analyst, urban planner, geologist, Map...

Team GyanPark 14 May, 2022

Continent wise 13 Countries That Lie on the Equator

13 countries that lie on the equator, seven are in Africa, the most of any continent; and South America is home to three of the nations. The...

Team GyanPark 29 May, 2021

Division of Nepal on the basis of Rivers.

On the basis of the river, Nepal is divisible into three regions. (A) Koshi Pradesh (Region) The area between Kanchenjunga Himal in the ...

Team GyanPark 19 May, 2021

Valleys of Nepal, Altitude and their Located District

Valleys of Nepal, their Altitude and their Located District.

Team GyanPark 25 Mar, 2019

The Main Threats to Nepal's Biodiversity

The main threats to Nepal's biodiversity are (Nepal Biodiversity Strategy, 2002): Encroachment/fragmentation and degradation of habitat ...

Team GyanPark 19 Dec, 2018

Nepal's Lakes and their located Districts

Some Important Lakes of Nepal and their features. Rara Lake/Mahendra Daha Located at Mugu District of Nepal (altitude 2972 m from sea level)...

Team GyanPark 21 Aug, 2018

Nepal's Provincial Division and their Unique Features

Constitution of Nepal 2072 declared to go into the federal system. In this way, Nepal has a central government, 7 provincial states, 77 dist...

Team GyanPark 2 Jul, 2018

Features of Nepal's Local Levels

The decision of Cabinet of Nepal Government and published in Nepal Rajpatra of 2074 Shrawan 28. The total number of local bodies are 753, wh...

Team GyanPark 29 Jun, 2018 1

Facts about Koshi River

Key Facts:  It is the biggest river in Nepal.  Koshi is one of the three first grade rivers in Nepal.  Its electricity generating power is e...

Team GyanPark 23 Mar, 2018

World Records and Various Glorious History on Mountaineering and Adventure Tourism

Various world records and glorious history on mountaineering and adventure tourism. 1922: 7 Sherpa climbers died in an avalanche becoming th...

Team GyanPark 14 Feb, 2018