Facts about Koshi River

Key Facts: 

  • It is the biggest river in Nepal. 
  • Koshi is one of the three first grade rivers in Nepal. 
  • Its electricity generating power is estimated to be 22,000 megawatts. 
  • 33,000 square kilometer is irrigated by this river. 
  • It is called as "Damodar River" in India. 
  • It is also called sorrow of Bihar because it destroys a huge amount during the rainy season. 

  • It has seven sub rivers which are Tamor, Arun, Dudh Koshi, Likhu, Tama Koshi, Suna Koshi, Indrawati. So it is also called as Saptakoshi, whose meaning is Seven Koshi. 
  • The biggest sub river is Arun and smallest sub river is Likhu. 
  • Its name is also popular as it has the second biggest record after Hwang-ho river of China in sand supply.

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