3 Years LLB TU Past Questions of Constitutional Law 2075

Tribhuvan University 2075

 संवैधानिक कानून

LL.B/LAW/1 Year 2075

Full Marks: 100

Time: 3 hrs.

Constitutional Law (323)

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

All the questions are of equal value.

Attempt any FIVE questions.

1. Discuss in detail about the major sources of constitutional law. Describe the role of political parties in the formation of the constitution of Nepal.

2. How do you view the present constitution of Nepal in the context of the constitutional history of Nepal? What are your suggestions for the improvement in the present constitution?

3. What do you mean by directive principles and policies of the state? What is the rationale behind its incorporation under the constitution?

4. What do you mean by separation of power, and check and balance? What provisions has the constitution of Nepal made for institutionalizing separation of power, and maintaining check and balance? 

5. What are the provisions made for the amendment of constitution by the present constitution of Nepal? Why constitutional amendment is important?

6. What are the constitutional provisions made by constitution of Nepal regarding fundamental rights? Explain the role of judiciary in the protection and promotion of fundamental rights?

7. Write short notes on any THREE of the followings.

a. Rigid and Flexible constitution.

b. Difference between constitution and constitutional law 

c. Merits of the federal system. 

d. Doctrine of colourable legislation

e. Constitutionalism.

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