Vaishno Devi Temple, Satyawati-6 Khallukhrukh Gulmi

 Hearty Invitation / Hearty Invitation / Hearty Invitation

We cordially invite all the devotees to attend the inaugural program of Shree Vaishno Devi Temple at Khullukarukh, Gulmi District Satyawati Rural Municipality. We also request all those who are afraid to stay in the country and abroad to help with their body, mind and money.

 "The purpose of human birth is not just to live."

There is no meaning in life without charity, religion and deeds.

 Karna Bahadur (Khatri) Bhandari: 9851058034

 Humnath Bhandari: 9866133432

 Dewakinandan Bhandari: 9867405764

 Narayan Gharti: 9864657643

वैष्णोदेवी मन्दिर, सत्यवती-६, खल्लुकरुख गुल्मी

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