Best visit destinations in Nepal

Nowadays, the trend of traveling has increased. On top of that, as the office is closed on Dashain and Tihar and other long vacations, the practice of hanging out with family and friends has increased.

Of course, the trend of traveling not only in Nepal but also abroad has increased. There are many places to visit in Nepal. Not only outsiders, but Nepalis have also started visiting various destinations in Nepal. If you also want to know and visit Nepal during the holiday of Dashain, these destinations may be suitable.


Pokhara is one of the popular tourist destinations in Nepal. When I reach Pokhara, I am thrilled to see the fishtail mountains, lakes and paragliding in the sky. Not only the Dashain vacations but also the English New Year and the Nepali New Year are full of foreign and domestic tourists. In the clean, beautiful and delightful environment here, you can also take a short 4-day vacation.

The attractions here are the boat rides of Fewa Lake and Begnas Lake. You can see the natural scenery by boat. There are places like David Falls, Gupteswar Cave, Mahendra Cave, Chamere Cave, Dr. KI Singh Bridge, Seto Dobhan and International Mountaineering Museum to visit.

Sarangkot is another attraction here. From Sarangkot, one can see the scenery of Pokhara city, Fewa Lake, Himalayan scenery and others. Another attraction for those who enjoy adventure sports is paragliding and jeep flyer from Sarangkot. Ultralight flights can be used to reach near the mountains, and even bungee has been operating in Pokhara for some years now.

Tourist buses, public transport and air can be used to reach here. During the Dashain, some hotels have brought special offers. Similarly, nearby destinations like Dhampus, Ghandruk and Landruk can be reached from Pokhara.


Sauraha is an easy and quick destination from the capital Kathmandu. Sauraha, which is connected to Chitwan National Park, is famous for wildlife tourism. Millions of local and foreign tourists visit here every year. The main attraction here is the elephant and jeep safari. Elephant and jeep safaris include tigers, rhinos, urns, wild elephants, crocodiles, and birds.

If you are keen to walk and do not have much fear of wild animals, you can walk in the forest. But there is a risk. The accompanying guides teach you how to avoid wild animals. Similarly, boating on the Rapti and Dhungre rivers adds another thrill. Apart from this, Tharu culture can also be observed here. Walking to Sauraha Bazaar in the evening is also fun.

Getting it is easy. Even if you come from all over the country, you can reach Sauraha Chowk on Mahendra Highway by bus and auto. Hoteliers have also brought attractive packages targeting Dashain / Tihar in Sauraha. You can visit Sauraha for two nights and three days for around Rs 5,000. There is everything from ordinary hotels to standard hotels.


Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, has recently become a major tourist attraction. Tourists from all over the country visit this destination in the Kapilvastu district of Lumbini province.

From the birthplace of the Buddha, various monasteries here attract tourists. There is a good place to go to the monasteries built by different countries to take selfies and make tickets. If you want to visit all the monasteries here, you have to spend two days. If you take a cursory look, it can be done in one day. Another attraction here is the motorboat. Motorboating can be done in the central canal behind Shanti Deep.

Boating in the 1.4 km long canal is a pleasure. Transportation is easy to get here, and there are as many hotels and restaurants as there are places to eat and stay.

Jomsom / Muktinath

Jomsom is the headquarter of the Mustang district across the Himalayas. Another destination to go from there is Muktinath Temple. Millions of Hindus and Buddhists visit Muktinath every year. This destination is suitable for those who like natural beauty and a tranquil environment. Of course, vehicles now reach Muktinath. But walking from Jomsom makes the journey even more enjoyable. It is thrilling to take a photo with the blue sky and mountains in the background.

Three nights and four days is a suitable destination for here. If you have time, you can also choose a destination from Jomsom to Tilicho, Thorangla Upper Mustang. As it is cold, the clothes should be kept warm. This month is also considered to be the best time to visit in the seasons of Asoj and Kartik. The beautiful valley of Lomanthang, which is seen as the third world, also belongs to Mustang.


Ghalegaon of Lamjung is famous for rural tourism. There are no hotels to stay in, there is a homestay here. Homestay hospitality is the originality here. You can easily reach the nearby mountains from Ghalegaon, which can be easily reached by jeep or bike from Besisahar. In cold weather, Bhujung and Ghanpokhara can be reached from there.

Ghalegaon, a settlement of Ghales, is the perfect destination for a Dashain vacation. Once a person reaches Ghalegaon, he will never forget the natural beauty, the settlement, the hospitality of the people.


Bandipur is the old market of Tanahu district. There are not many places to visit in Bandipur, which is dominated by the Newar community. The attraction there is the natural scenery. Bandipur, which is artistically decorated with old houses, is quiet so you can spend the day sitting in one place. Bandipur is at a distance of 8 km from Dumre Bazaar on the way from Muglin to Pokhara.

From here you can see the scenery of Palungtar of Gorkha, beautiful fields of Tanahu, mountains, etc. This place is also excellent in terms of the environment. You can go to Bandipur on the holiday and spend the night with your family and friends.

Chitlang / Daman

Chitlang and Daman of Makwanpur have also been developed as tourist destinations recently. Chitlang is close to the capital. Chitlang can be reached in 3 hours by walking from Thankot Godam and 1 hour by car. This place is also cool and green, so anyone who arrives here is thrilled. There are hotels, resorts and Homestays. Goat farm green grass mounds and pear orchards are the main attractions here.

Similarly, Daman can be reached from Chitlang via Kulekhani. Or you can go to Daman from Tribhuvan Highway via Naubise. Even good hotels and resorts are open here. The cold siretto (wind) rising from the Tistung Valley makes the journey enjoyable. Daman, which is about 2500 meters high, enjoys walking in the morning and enjoying the green environment. From Daman, which is located at a high place, you can see beautiful mountains, forests and local culture.

Ramjanki temple

The Ramjanki temple in the Dhanusha district has also seen a lot of visitors lately. This temple is one of the major religious destinations of Hindus. But now not only Hindus but also foreign and domestic tourists visit here. The main attraction here is the artistic temple.

It is fun to take selfies and take portraits while sitting in front of a Mughal-style temple. Janakpur, which has been opening standard hotels lately, may be the best destination to celebrate the holiday.


The Khaptad region, the confluence of Bajhang, Bajura, Doti and Achham districts, is a mine of natural beauty. Khaptad looks like a paradise with 22 roofs and 53 ridges and its beauty. Here you can go from all four districts. But it can be reached quickly from Silgadhi of Doti through Jhigrana. There is a problem to stay. For that, coordination can be made with the Nepal Army office there.

Religious places like Khaptad Baba's Kuti, Triveni river, Khapper Daha, Shiva temple, Sahasra Linga, Ganeshsthan, Nagdhunga, Kedardhunga have made the Khaptad region very famous. The 22 major and minor fields in the Khaptad region are also major attractions.

Best destinations to visit during Dashain vacation

Langtang, Namche, Annapurna Basecam Trekking

As government and private offices will be closed for four days during Dashain, no one will be pressured to work. Since it is in a 'festive mood' at this time, 4 days of trekking can also be done. For this, a short trekking route from Kathmandu to Langtang may be suitable. It is not known that 4 days have passed since we started walking from Sundarijal and reached Kanjing Valley. There are plenty of hotels to eat and stay on this route.

Another route for those who like to walk is from Lukla in Solukhumbu to Namche. It takes two days to ascend and one day to descend. You can come back and stay one day. You can come to Kathmandu on the fourth day. There is a good way to walk and there are plenty of hotels to stay. Due to Covid, there are not many foreign tourists now, so domestic tourists also get hotels now.

If you have 1 week, Annapurna base camp is another destination. The base camp is reached in 3 days from Pokhara via Nayapul. For those who can walk fast, the base camp can be reached in 3 days, otherwise, it may take 4 days. Return can be done in 2 days. As it is popular for route trekking, eating and living are not a problem. But hotel food is expensive.


Kanyam, located in Suryodaya Municipality of Ilam, is a must-visit area in the eastern part of Nepal. Tourists come here for Chiyabari (Tea Garden), horse riding and panoramic views. Kanyam is also a suitable destination for picnics.

Kanyam can be reached through Charaali of Jhapa. There are hotels and resorts to eat and stay. Kanyam Ghumai is especially good for newlyweds. You can also go to Pathibhara of Sri Antu, Pashupatinagar and Taplejung through Kanyam.

Some travelers travel from there reach to Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Gangtok in India.

Apart from these destinations, every place in Nepal is suitable for sightseeing. You can go to your own village and hill station with your family, friends and relatives on the Dashain vacations day.

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