How to buy a bus ticket online

During Festivals, those who want to go out of Kathmandu find it difficult to get a bus ticket. There is no shortage of people selling tickets on the black market for more than the prescribed amount. To reduce this problem, today we have taught you how to buy a bus ticket online.

1. For this we need to open the e-Sewa app. Those who have filled in the KYC details of the concerned bank and have money in the account can choose the service called bus ticket which appears directly in the e-Sewa.

2. Within the bus ticket service we have to fill in from where to board and where to reach. You must also enter a date for when you need a ticket. For example, we searched for a bus from Kathmandu to Chitwan for 24 September.

3. After clicking on the search bus option, a list of which buses are available for the day appears. After selecting the vehicle by looking at the bus facility and fare rate, click on the name of the same bus to select the seat.

4. The gray seat inside is booked and the white seat indicates an empty seat. Choose the seat you like and click on the Book Now option.

5. Now continue booking with your name, phone number, email and general details of where the vehicle is coming from.

6. Finally press MPIN of your e-Sewa to confirm the ticket.

Online Bus Ticket Tutorial Nepal

After the ticket is booked you will receive a copy of the digital ticket via email and phone which you have to show to the bus operator while traveling.

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