What is a 'domain name'? Understand this easily.

The 'domain name' is the backbone of your digital presence. Domain names are especially important if you are looking to do business with your digital presence.

'Domain name' is the physical name of a website. There can be no two identical domain names in the digital world, such as your physical address or phone number.

'Domain name' can also be understood as a pointer to an IP address The IP address ( of the domain name (such as facebook.com) that you search in your browser's address bar is identified by the browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) and redirected to the corresponding web page.

‘Domain names’ are meant to make it easier for people to access your website. So it is best to keep it simple and easy to remember.

Domain names can also be bought and sold in online markets such as godaddy.com and Ohodomain.com. A good 'domain name' is very important and also lacking Good domain names are in high demand in the market. Some domain names sell for millions of dollars.

3 parts of 'domain name'

Any web page like ‘www.example.com’ has ‘.com’ top level domain, ‘example’ second level domain and ‘www’ subdomain. Top level domains are also called extensions. Here are some of the most commonly used top level domains (TLDs).

1. ‘.Com’

2. ‘.Net’

3. ‘.Org’

4. ‘.Edu’

Top level domains may vary by country. Such as;

1. ‘.Au’ (Australia)

2. ‘.Ca’ (Canada)

3. ‘.De’ (Germany)

4. ‘.Np’ (Nepal)

The 'second level domain' is your domain name associated with the top level domain (TLD). E.g.,

1. example.com

2. example.net

3. example.np


The 'subdomain' is only part of the larger domain, it is optional.

1. www.example.com

2. mail.google.com

3. drive. google.com

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