Contemporary Issues

Nepal's issues in the climate conference

It is estimated that Nepal will need २४ 24 billion by 2030 to adapt to climate change and २५ 25 billion to mitigate the effects. But not onl...

Team GyanPark 26 Oct, 2021

New Loksewa Routine for Local Level

Local Level Special Loksewa Timeline. Download New Loksewa Routine pdf here : New Loksewa Routine for Local Level, New Loksewa Karyatalika, ...

Team GyanPark 23 May, 2019

Prime Minister Employment Program

Article 33 of the Constitution of Nepal has included the right to employment as fundamental rights. In order to implement the same fundament...

Team GyanPark 30 Jan, 2019

Hey Human, It's me Nature

Human is only one creature responsible for destroying nature

Team GyanPark 19 Dec, 2018