Procedural Law (302) 3 Years LLB (New Curriculum) Exam Paper 2077

Tribhuvan University

2077 3 Years/LL.B/1 Year/ LAW (New) Procedural Law (302) Exam held on 2079/09/05

Full Marks: 100 Time: 3 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. All the questions are of equal value.

Attempt any FIVE questions.

1. What do you mean by Jurisdiction of Court? Describe about the Jurisdiction of District Court.

2. What is the principle of natural justice? Explain the elements of natural justice in details.

3. Whether the writ jurisdiction is available or not when there is existence of alternative remedy? Explain on the basis of the case of Kallu Chaudhary vs. Appellate Court Dipayal.

4. What are the general principles of Civil Procedural law? Explain the major principles in detail.

5. Shed light on the fact and principles laid down in the case of Pasang Dava Tamang vs. Government of Nepal. (NKP 2057, No. 3-4; Page 188)

6. Execution of judgement is important to provide actual justice. Whether Nepalese laws on execution of judgement is able to provide such justice or not?

7. Write short notes on any THREE of the followings. 
a. ADR
b. Judicial Review
c. Interlocutory Order
d. Revision
e. Summary Procedure
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