Family Law (306) 3 Years LLB (New Curriculum) Exam Paper 2077

Tribhuvan University


3 Years/LL.B/1 Year/ LAW (New)

Family Law (306) Exam held on 2079/09/08

Full Marks: 50 Time: 1/2 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. All the questions are of equal value.

Attempt any THREE questions.

1. Discuss the nature of Family Law. Highlight the importance of Family Law in modern society.

2. Explain the procedure of marriage registration in Nepal. Trace out the differences between Court marriage (Civil marriage) and marriage Registration.

3. What do you mean by Adoption? Explain the status of adopted son and daughter.

4. Define inheritance? Explain the rights and obligations of recipient in inheritance.

5. Write short notes on any THREE of the followings.

a) Void Marriage

b) Importance of Family Court

c) Mano Chhuttine

d) Child Custody

Family Law

family law 2078

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