Constitutional Law (304) 3 Years LLB (New Curriculum) Exam Paper 2077

Tribhuvan University

2077 3 Years/LL.B/1 Year/LAW (New)
Exam held on 2079/09/07
Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hrs.
Constitutional Law (304)
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.
All the questions are of equal value. Attempt any FIVE questions
1. Differentiate between the constitution and constitutional law. Also comment on the different sources of constitutional law.
2. Comment on the constitutional development of Nepal. What could be the major causes for short-livednes of the Nepalese Constitution? How optimistic are you that the present constitution of Nepa! would not have same fate as of the previous constitutions?
3. What do you understand by rights? What are differences between the fundamental rights and the directive Principles and State Policies?
4. What is separation of power? Can the Judiciary control the autocracy of the executive as per the provision of the constitution of Nepal? Comment on the present constitutional crisis of repeated parliament dissolution.
5. What is the amendment of the constitution? Comment on the procedure of the constitutional amendment in Nepal.
6. What is the role of political party in sustaining the democracy? Have the political parties of Nepal performed their constitutional role effectively?
7. Write short notes on ANY THREE.
a) Rule of Law
b) Emergency power c) Right to equality
d) Committee system in the Parliament
e) Federal constitution
Constitutional Law LLB Question
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