Salimé Daha, Gulmi

The Salimé Daha is located in Musikot Municipality of Gulmi. The feast (Bhandara) program is being organized by the Salimé Religious and Tourism Development Committee Musikot Municipality.

Salime daha Gulmi

As Salimé Daha is the heart of Musikot Municipality, it needs to be developed sustainably.

Devghat, Dibrung, Rudraveni and Ramkot are the places that are considered as originated from Salimé penance land. Its wide publicity and should be developed in a sustainable manner.

The number of domestic and foreign tourists would increase only if proper publicity was given to Salimé Daha, which has a lot of potential in terms of religious and tourism sectors.

Swami Bhaskarananda Saraswati is the Guru in Salimé Tapobhumi. The media should play a special role in introducing peace and tranquility in the minds of the internal and external tourists visiting Salimé Daha.

Salimé Daha, Gulmi

Daha Salimé Daha is located in Musikot Municipality, Gulmi Ward No. 8 Salimé at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level.

Hundreds of devotees from Musikot Municipality of Gulmi, Chandrakot Rural Municipality and neighboring district Baglung participate in the Bhandara program which is organized every year in Salimé Tapobhumi.

Bhajan kirtan has also been organized at Bhandara and religious fair on the occasion of the death anniversary of late Guru Chhavilal Lamichhane Prakashananda.

One meter wide footpath has been constructed to reach Salimé Daha. The main attractions of the area are direct observation of Tara khaseko (A deep well where it is believed the star had fallen) in Salimé Daha, observation of natural and biological diversity, organic products and devotional hymns.

Salimé Daha, Gulmi

Devotees who come to the fair take rice, pulses, ghee, salt, sugar, oil, fruits, etc.

As Salimé Daha is a huge natural resource with clean air, biological, geographical and cultural diversity and potential for development, it needs to be promoted and developed to be recognized as a religious and tourist destination nationally and internationally.