Dhurkot Gulmi

Dhurkot Rural Municipality is one of the local level municipalities established in accordance with Article 295, Clause 3 of the Constitution of Nepal. Dhurkot Rural Municipality in Gulmi district of Lumbini province of Nepal includes 7 VDCs including Nayangaun, Pipaldhara, Hadehade, Jasithok, Vastu, Dhurkot Rajasthal and Wagla.

The area of Durkot Municipality is 86.32 sq.Km. The population of this Dhurkot village municipality is 22454. It is bounded on the east by Resunga Municipality, on the west by Madane Rural Municipality, on the north by Malika and Isma Rural Municipalities and on the south by Arghakhanchi District. The center of this Dhurkot Rural Municipality with 7 ward offices is in a place called Varvot.

Photo: by ujyaaloonline

Dhurkot Rural Municipality Wagla  Gulmi
Photo: Wagla of Dhurkot Rural Municipality, Gulmi

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