Best Platform for Loksewa (PSC) Preparation

There are various ways to prepare for Loksewa (PSC) Exams in Nepal. Loksewa Diary is the best way to prepare Written Papers, GK, and Current Affairs.

Features of Loksewa Diary Exam Format Premium Notes:

  • Based on the new syllabus by the Public Service Commission for various levels of examinations.
  • A one-time payment gives access to updates for a certain period of time.
  • Content will be updated regularly.
  • Note prepared in the Nepali language.
  • Notes are prepared in Exam Format-based Question Answers.
  • Past & Probable Questions with Solutions.
  • Articles of various expert personalities published in newspapers and magazines are included.
  • The legal provisions related to various lessons in the Syllabus are presented in a simplified format.
  • Facts, data, and information from periodic plans, budgets, and various reports are included in the notes as needed.
  • New concepts, trends, and practices are included.
  • Special emphasis on writing practice.
As the PSC exam is a competitive exam, its preparation should be systematic. You should study too many topics in a very short time and should be able to present in accordance with the questions within the time limit of the examinations. Our aim is to provide in-depth and essential knowledge on the overall subject matter. Our materials will be concise, presentable within the exam time frame, and easy to understand for students. Laws, policies, periodic plans, budgets, innovative practices, and concepts have been included in the Notes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Loksewa Diary:

1. What should be done to get the Loksewa (PSC) exam premium commando notes?

⇨ To get Exam Format Based premium notes of different levels of Public Service Commission (PSC) Exams, which are placed on the website, do as follows.

  • Sign up and create a profile by entering your name, mobile number, and email address by clicking Profile from the top menu of the website.
  • Click on All Courses in the menu and click Buy Now to buy the notes you want.
  • You will receive an email after checkout. Please check your email.
  • Click on the Payment link that comes with the Order Detail in the email and pay the fee through QR Scan.
  • You can scan given QR codes through Banking Apps, FonePay, eSewa, Khalti, and HamroPay to pay fees.
  • Do not forget to put your Order Number in Remarks while making payment.
  • Inform Loksewa Diary's Team through any means after the payment is completed, your processing will be faster.

2. Once a course is purchased, how long do I have access to it?

⇨ Once the course is purchased, you will have access to the notes for an assigned period only. Please click on the course you want to take from All Courses in the menu. Under Overview, you will get information about the course along with the duration of access.

3. Is it possible to get only one paper for the Loksewa Exam or not?

⇨ You can get access to those notes by paying the prescribed amount for any single paper among the first, second, third, or fourth papers of various levels of the PSC Exams.

4. Can an offline note, soft copy, or PDF copy be obtained?

⇨ Currently this facility is not provided. You should open the website and read the notes placed there. Contact the Loksewa Diary Team for further information if these features are added in the near future.

5. How much amount should be paid to get the note?

⇨ The amount to be paid to get notes for different levels of exams can be found by clicking on All Courses in the menu.

6. Is the note updated regularly?

⇨ LoksewaDiary regularly updates all notes on the website. If you also want to give any feedback, you can contact them through various means.

7. For Further Information how to contact?

⇨ There are various means to Contact Loksewa Diary to get Exam Format Premium Notes. Click here for contact details.

Once you buy the hard copy books from the market, these will only be useful for a single exam, but since their courses have 4 to 6 months of access, it is suitable for all the exams within that period. You can read anywhere from a mobile at any time. Click here for

Loksewa Premium Notes
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