Nepal Parichaya Latest (8th) Version (Download)

The new edition of Nepal Parichaya (Intro Nepal or Nepal ko Parichaya: नेपाल परिचय) is now available in downloadable pdf format. Nepal Parichaya is published annually by the Department of Information and Broadcasting, Nepal Government, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The 8th edition of Nepal Parichaya is a 400-page pdf book including Geographic, History, Constitutional Evolution, Nepal's Public Administration, Economic Development, Socio-cultural Lifestyles, Languages, Literature and Arts, Infrastructural Development, Mass Communication and Journalism, Foreign Policy and International Relation, and Nepal's Historical, Religious and Touristic Attractions. You can also find Nepal Parichaya 8th edition pdf in English.

The aim of this book is mentioned as:

"Unprecedented advances in information technology, liberal world trade systems, and political liberalism have narrowed the world. The book has been written and published keeping in mind the need for textbooks to introduce Nepal through the flow of art, population and developmental information. We believe that this book will be useful for investors and anyone who wants to do research on Nepal. "

"नेपालको समग्र पक्ष बारे जानकारी दिने उद्देश्यले तयार गरिएको नेपाल परिचय पुस्तकमा नेपालको भौगोलिक अवस्था, राजनैतिक र संवैधानिक विकास, वर्तमान शासन प्रणाली, प्रशासनिक व्यवस्था, आर्थिक व्यवस्था तथा विकासका प्रयास, विभिन्न जाति, भाषा, संस्कार र संस्कृतिलाई समावेश गरिएको छ ।"  

New Edition of Nepal Parichaya

The New 8th Edition of Nepal Parichaya (नेपाल परिचय) Book, is prepared for the purpose of providing information about the overall aspect of Nepal, covers Nepal's geographics, political and constitutional development, current governance system, administrative system, economic system and development efforts, various castes, languages, customs and cultures. Nepal Parichaya  New Edition 2077, is now available in PDF. Download to learn all about Nepal. 
Download Nepal Parichaya 2077 pdf in Nepali

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Nepal Parichaya (नेपाल परिचय) new edition pdf in Nepali and English. Download Nepal Parichaya 8th edition 2077 pdf. Learn all about Nepal.

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