Greater Lumbini Area

Important Archeological and Religious Monuments of Devdaha 


It is believed to be the ancient Devdaha, the capital of the Koliya Kingdom. The site has a temple dedicated to Queen Mayadevi and other significant religious and archeological sites, including a long stone column (some consider is to be an Ashoka Pillar), stone image of Sun God, ancient brick well etc. 


Khayardada is believed to have been the main city of the ancient Koliya Kingdom. Three mounds can be distinctly seen here, and there are pieces of burnt bricks, potteries and various objects scattered everywhere within a radius of two kilometers. It is believed that Prince Siddhartha lived in that palace and bathed in Mangal Puskarini Daha(pond) while at maternal uncle's home. 


Kanyamai temple is believed to be built in the memory of Queen Prajapati Gautami, the stepmother of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha. Major images found in the temple include standing stone image of Lokeshwore holding a lotus flower in one hand, (the other hand is broken off), and many stone idols. Ancient potteries are still visible in the nearby mound.


It is believed that the temple of Bairimai built to pay homage to Mayadevi, the mother of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha. Local people believe that the word Bairimai was derived from Badimai, meaning Big Mother or Elder Sister referring to Mayadevi, the eldest princess of Koliya Kingdom. 
It is believed that both Mayadevi and Prajapati, One gave birth to Siddhartha and the other cared for him, were so revered by the people of Devdaha that they were bestowed upon a status of the goddess over the passage of time

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