When Nature Smiles...

It is a very rare occasion to capture the smile of Kathmandu. Being the capital of Nepal, it is the most crowded and haphazard city. It is a proven fact that only natural beauty makes this cultural city smile. But the bitter truth which we have is that the city with a dusty and smoky cloud and have to wait for an occasion to capture these scenes. Fresh and Snowy View!
Photo 1: Nearby Mountains of Kathmandu Valley with snow captured from Tundikhel 
Photo 2: Snowy Mountains and Horizon
Photo 3: Natural Beauty of Kathmandu
Photo 4: After a rainy day. Snow View. Winter Season. Twilight Vision.
Photo 5: Nepal Telecom Bhadrakali Building
Photo 6: Tundikhel Ground Kathmandu
Photo 7: Jame Masjid Kathmandu Ratnapark
Photo 8: Bird Nests at Bhrikutimandap Kathmandu
Photo 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14: Twilight View of Kathmandu Durbar Marg

Photo 15: Ratnapark Footpath
Photo 16: Exhibition Road Kathmandu
Photo 18: Traffic as seen from Bhadrakali Overhead Bridge
Photo 19: Narayanhiti Durbar Museum Scene
Photo 20: As seen from Bhadrakali Bridge
Photo 21: Another Photo of Nepal Telecom's Centre Office
Photo 22: Traffic at Durbar Marg Jamal Junction
Photo 23: Another shot of Exhibition Road 

All photos are taken by Bhuwan Limbu, Ashmita Malla, Keshab Bhusal and me. All photos are copyrighted to the publisher. 
Thank you for watching... 
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