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Rastriya Bima Sasthan Old Questions Collection

Chakrapani Bhandari 22 Mar, 2023

आजका सबै पत्रपत्रिकाहरू (इपेपर) हेर्नुहोस्।

Today All ePapers are at once place. Read All Daily Newspaper. All Nepalese epapers The Himalayan times , Kantipur daily , the kathmandu pos...

Team GyanPark 1 Mar, 2023

Perceptions of abroad world about Nepal.

Answered by ChatGPT Perceptions of Nepal vary among people abroad and can depend on factors such as personal experiences, cultural backgroun...

Chakrapani Bhandari 31 Jan, 2023

Random General Knowledges

Lamarckism is a now discredited theory of evolution proposed by French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in the early 19th century. It posits ...

Chakrapani Bhandari 30 Jan, 2023

English Videos

English Class

Team GyanPark 17 Jan, 2023

4th Paper Videos

4th Paper

Team GyanPark 17 Jan, 2023

GK Videos

GK Class

Team GyanPark 17 Jan, 2023

IQ Videos

IQ Videos (Class) IQ Videos Feedback

Team GyanPark 16 Jan, 2023

Devolution vs Delegation

Devolution of power refers to the transfer of power and authority from a central government to regional or local governments. This transfer ...

Chakrapani Bhandari 2 Jan, 2023