Administrative Law (308) 3 Years LLB (New Curriculum) Exam Paper 2077

Tribhuvan University 2077

3 Years/LL.B/1st Year/ LAW (New) Administrative law (308) Exam held on 2079/09/13

Full Marks: 50 Time: 1/2 hrs.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

All the questions are of equal value.

Attempt any THREE questions.

1. What do you mean by administrative law? Discuss the sources of it.

2. What are the basic principles of rule of law? How this doctrine has been implemented in Nepalese Administrative Law?

3. What is doctrine of separation of power and check and balance? How has this doctrine been implemented in development of administrative laws in Nepal?

4. What are the different writs available against the administrative

discretions? Has such remedy been instrumental in controlling such discretion?

5. Write short notes on any THREE

a) Classification of administrative action

b) Audi Alteram Partem

c) Quasi-judicial body

d) Role of CIAA in Corruption Control

e) Delegated legislation
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