A trip to historical and archaeological site Nuwakotgarhi

Nuwakotgarhi is famous as the auxiliary fort of the historic Jeetgarhi fort, where the Nepali heroes defeated the British in the Nepal-English war and the penance site of Lord Gautam Buddha's father Suddhodhana's Guru Trikaldarshi Rishi Kaldeval. Nowadays, the number of domestic tourists going for archeological studies, forest feasts, and trekking is increasing. The Nuwakot Development Committee has prepared a systematic master plan for the development of the Nuwakot area with the increase in a tourist attractions. From Butwal to Nuwakot, Siddharth Cable Car Pvt. Ltd. is carrying out construction work to operate the cable car. The Lumbini state government is building a cultural doubli.

Nuwakotgarhi is reached by 8 km Belbas-Nuwakot road. It can also be reached by a 3 km trekking route from Manimukund Sen Uddhan (Butwal Fulbari). Ujirsinh Thapa was the badha hakim (ruler) of Palpa. He handled the Butwal-Palpa front during the Nepal-English war. He vowed to build a temple if he defeated the British and built the Ranaujeshwari Bhagwati temple in Palpa. There is a tradition of Bhagwati Jatra in Palpa. It is because of Ujirsingh Thapa's military skills that the Nepalese army succeeded in defeating the British in the war.

In 1814 AD (1872 BS), the area where the war between Nepal and the British army took place, Jeetgarhi, a structure built during the war to save the glorious history of Butwal, is now being developed into a museum.

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Main Attractions

  1. Ujirsinh and Manimukund Sen Park
  2. Kathegarhi and the proposed Nepal-English War Memorial Park area
  3. Historical Tundikhel, Khadga Temple
  4. Historic Chowki, Chowpari, Ujirsingh Sindhi Marg
  5. Historical Bhairava Kamana Temple
  6. Historic summer palace area of ​​Sen dynasty King Manimukunda Sen
  7. Siddhartha Cable Car Upper Station
  8. Tapobhumi of Shanti Kuti and Trikaldarshi sage Kaldeval (Asit).
  9. Proposed Tirupati Balaji temple area
  10. Ujir Singh View Tower, Proposed Cross Khukuri Statue, and Historic Cannon Area
  11. Cultural Dawli and Historical Rani Kuwa
  12. Under Construction Hill Site Milan Park Pvt. Ltd.


  • There is a need to manage waste.
  • Placing hoarding boards with adequate notices and information about places of historical and archeological importance; Providing leaflets, booklets,
  • Placement of important places on billboards so that they are clearly visible on the map;
  • Accelerate the construction work,
  • Managing hotels, shops,
  • Managing water supply and public toilets,
  • Arranging security.

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