Procedure for self renewal of excise license by taxpayer through online service

अनलाइनबाट अन्तःशुल्कको इजाजत नवीकरण गर्ने तरिका

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Taxpayer Portal.
  3. Click on Self Renew Permit in Excise Menu.
  4. Keep your PAN and license number.
  5. Click on Register Button. You will see information about which business license has been taken and how much license fee is required for that.
  6. Choosing a bank.
  7. Click Submit Button.
  8. Paying fees by going to Connect IPS.
  9. Click on Taxpayer Log in in the General Menu of the Taxpayer Portal to print the license.
  10. Log in by keeping PAN, User ID, Password.
  11. If KYT Form is yet to be filled, fill that form. For that click on KYT Link.
  12. Go to Print Excise Permit Menu and keep the license number.
  13. Clicking the Search Button.
  14. Click on Print Icon to print.

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