To get treatment facility by showing the circular of social security fund

The Social Security Fund has managed the healthcare facilities of the contributors. Now, the contributors listed in the fund can avail healthcare services from various hospitals by showing the identity card along with the social security number provided by the fund.

Earlier, the contributors had been receiving treatment at the listed hospitals by submitting their bills. The fund has entered into agreements with more than a dozen hospitals across the country so that contributors can avail medical treatment, health and maternity facilities by showing their identity cards. Contributors include Manmohan Memorial Eastern Regional Community Hospital in Birtamode, Virat Medical College in Biratnagar, Nobel Medical College and Our Hospital, Namuna Community Hospital in Sarlahi, National Medical College in Birgunj, Old Medical College in Chitwan, Universal Medical College in Bhairahawa, Shir Memorial Hospital in Banepa and Helping Hands Community in Kathmandu. He will be able to avail treatment facility by showing his identity card at the hospital and Kathmandu Medical College.

At present, 118 hospitals in all the seven states are listed in the fund. Rohit Regmi, deputy director of the fund, said that arrangements are being made for the contributors to avail the treatment facility by showing the identity card by signing an agreement with all the listed hospitals. "Agreements have been reached with about a dozen hospitals. From those hospitals, contributors can avail the treatment facility by showing their identity cards," he said.

Contributors have to bear 20 percent of the total cost of the facility when they get the treatment facility by showing their identity card. The hospital will claim 80 percent of the amount from the fund. The hospital will be able to take only the amount specified in the facility bag from the fund.

With the provision of treatment facility by showing the identity card, the contributors have to pay the bill by sending the bill of the treatment expenses to the fund. Co-spokesperson Regmi said that the hassle of the contributors having to pay for the treatment first and the payment to the fund after the treatment was over. Contributors will get such facility only from the hospitals listed in the fund. For treatment facility, regular contribution amount should be deposited in the fund for last three months. Contributors will be able to avail treatment facility from any hospital listed in the fund.

Contributors will receive outpatient and inpatient treatment expenses not exceeding one lakh in a financial year. Of this, 20 percent should be borne by the contributors

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