How to write project report for BBS 4th year


Organization of Project Work

Components of the Project Report

1. Preliminary Part
2. Body of the Project Report
3. Supplementary Section

Title Page
Preliminary Part
Supervisor’s Recommendation
Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
Font: Times New Roman, Size.2O, AlICaps, BoId

A Project Work Report

font: Times threw Roman, line: 12

Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12
Name of Student (First Name/Middle Name/Surname T.NJ. Registered Nurrtber
Name of Campus/College
Font: Times New Roman
Submitted to
The Faculty of Management Tribhuvan Lfniversity Kathm arldu 
Font: Times New Roman Size. 12
In Partial Fulfillrn ent of the Requirements for the Degree of Font: Times New Roman
Size: 12
Font: Times New Roman
Size: 12, All Caps
Font: Times New Roman
Size: 12
Font: Times New Roman, Size: 14, Bold

I hereby declare that the project work entitled TITLE OF PROJECT WORK REPORT submitted to the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu is an original piece of work under the supervision of Prof./Dr./Mr./Ms. ... ... ... (name of the supervisor), faculty member, ... ... ... (name of the campus/ college), (name of place), and is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS). This project work report has not been submitted to any other university or institution for the award of any degree or diploma.
Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Text must be justified

Name of Student:
Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12
 Font: Times New Roman, Size: 14, Bold

Supervisor’s Recommendation

(In a Campus/College Letter Head)
The project work report entitled TITLE OF PROJECT WORK REPORT submitted by (name of student) of . . . .. . . . . (name of campus/college), .. . .. . .. .(name of place), is prepared under my supervision as per the procedure and format requirements laid by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University, as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS). I, therefore, recommend the project work report for evaluation.

Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Text must be justified
Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12
Font: Times New Roman, Size: 14, Bold
(In a Campus/College Letter Head)
We hereby endorse the project work report entitled TITLE OF PROJECT WROK submitted by . . . . .. .
(name of student) of . . . .. . ... (name of campus/college), ... .. . ... (name of place), in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of the Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) for external evaluation.
Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12

Name of Chair:
Chairman, Research Committee
Font: Times New Roman
Name of Chief/Principal:
Campus Chief/ Principal Date: 
I have taken efforts in this project. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. There contribution is sincerely appreciated and gratefully acknowledged. At the very outset, I feel deeply honored in expressing  my  heartfelt  respect  towards Lumbini Banijya Campus which has been a platform for my career development. I take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and deep regards to my supervisor (Name of the Supervisor) for his exemplary guidance monitoring and constant encouragement throughout this project period.
Similarly, I would like to express my gratitude towards our campus chief Prof. Dr. Ishwor Gautam sir for his kind co-operation and encouragement in completion of this project. Moreover, I am highly indebted to all my teachers of Lumbini Banijya Campus who has provided crucial information thorough orientation class regarding preparation of my project work.
The experience I had with (Name of the organization) was a great chance for learning and professional development. I consider myself very lucky to be provided with opportunity to be part of it.
I place a deep sense of gratitude to my  family members who have    been invariable source of inspiration during the preparation of this project work. I would also like to thank my friends for their encouragement and motivation in preparing this report.
etc. ... .. ... ... ... . ..

Data  Presentation ..... .. . ............. 12
Analysis of Results 20
Findings   . . . . . 2J
Summh. . . . . ... . . . 27
Conclusion. 28
E     N     D E 4  4  Y      Y  4  G      4   4   4       4  4  4     Y   Y  4     4  4  4     4  4  4     4  4  4     1  4  4     4  4  4     4  4  4     4  1  4     4  4  4      4  4  4     4  4  1     4  4  4     4  4  4     4  4  4     4  4  4     4  4  4     4  4 4 43 0
Foot: Times New Roman, Size: 14, Bold
List of Tables

Table No. Title Page No.

Font: 7imes New Roman,
Slze: 14, Bold

List of Figures

Figure No. Title Page No.


LBC: Lumbini Banijya Campus
TU: Tribhuvan University
Body of the Report
Profile of org./ place/ events Objectives
Rationale Review Methods Limitations
1.1 Background of the Project Work
Description of the topic,
how you developed interest in it,
Problems related to your study
Relevance of the proposed study.
If possible support your discussion with the empirical evidence and the past observations on the same nature of study.
Profile of org./ place/ events

It is a general introduction about the organization, place or events you have chosen for conducting your research.
Very short history, present situation of organization.
You can also put vision, mission, objective of the organization if possible.
Information related to Product and services of the organization.
Information related to current scenario of Industry can also be included.
Objective is what the research seeks to accomplish or achieve.
Write at least 2 objectives.
Use acceptable action verbs.
Objective should focus on problem of the study.
To identify the dimension of Service Quality with respect to Community campuses.
To measure the perception of Students towards service quality of community campuses.
To identify whether there is any difference in satisfaction level among male and female student.
To assess the relationship between Reliability, Tangibles, Attitude, Competence, Content, Delivery and Student Satisfaction.
To examine the effect of Service Quality on Student Satisfaction in Community campuses.
Objective Conti…

To identify the factors responsible for Brand Switching in Telecommunication Companies?
To examine the perception of customer with different factors of Brand switching in Telecommunication Companies?
- To compare brand switching behavior among male and female management students pursuing graduations.

Note: Factors might be Price, Brand Image, Service Failure, Offer, Low Price.
Acceptable Action Verbs

To identify
To explore
To examine
To compare
To measure association
To measure relationship
To estimate
To forecast
To predict
To analyze
To evaluate
Unacceptable Action Verbs

To study
To find out
To explain
To describe
To conclude
To recommend
To review
To make an overview
To see
To look into
To diagnose

Justify why you selected this topic
Relevance of your study
-Show the relationship of the present study with larger issues
-Show the importance of the study to whom and why.
-Show the benefits after the completion of the study.

Study literature such as Article, Report, Book, Thesis, Magazines, Newspaper etc. related to your topic and mention their purpose, methodology and findings in your report.
For e.g.: Walker and Guest (1952) found that the average number of children in the working class families is higher than in the middle-class families. The data for the study was collected from primary source from a sample of 150 respondent in Butwal- sub metropolitan city with the help of questionnaire methods.
When more
Can one
author has to be cited in  the  test,  these should  be in the
semi colons:
order of the first au thor's surname, and the citation should be separated by
*/ The concept of Dhakal, 2OO7),

job design (Chaudhary, 1987; Maleku, 1992; Uprety &

° e Pa ge nu mbers, if required to be mentioned, should be cited as follows:
EXAMPLE Pant (2OOS) argues that a research report can be worthless if interpretation IS
faulty, even if valid and reliable data have been collected (p. 63).
“Hypothesis testing is called deductive research” (Wolff & Pant, 2006, p. 14).

o ^.Vhen citing block quotations, do not place quotation marks before and after a block quotation. Indent the left margin five spaces. Do not indent the right margin.
EXAMPLE According to Berger (2007):
A PET botde weighs approximately 91 grams. Of this 91 grams, only 63 grams or 69 percentage of the bottle is pure PET. The bottle has three other major components. The bottle cap, usually made of aluminum, weighs rough*Y 1  gram or 1 percent  of the bottle  weight.  The bottle label, usually made of paper, weighs 5 grams or 6 percent of  the bottle  weight (pp. 37-  38).

o Personal communication through letters, memos, telephone conversations, and the like should be cited in the text only and not included in the reference list since aese arenot retrievable data. In the text, provide the initials as well as the surname of the communicator together with the date.
EXAMPLE A. Pradhan (Personal C ommunication, November IS, 2008) feels that
P. Sigdel (Personal interview, April 7, 2008) feels that ...
T. Uprety (Personal lexer, 2008\ argues that ...
Professor, Tribhuva n Universi ty, February 5,
Research Design: Research plan to conduct the Research study. For e.g. Descriptive Research Design
Population and Sample: all the respondent of a particular research area is population and certain elements of respondent chosen for research which represent total population based on convenience or formula is sample.
Types of Data: Primary data, secondary data or both.
Sampling procedure: For e.g.: Convenience sampling, judgmental sampling, random sampling etc.
Data Collection Procedure: Choose Research Instrument such as Questionnaire, Scale like Likert scale where 5= Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Neutral, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree
Tools and Techniques for Data Presentation and Analysis: Tables, Charts, Mean, Median, Percentage, Standard deviation etc. Use excel or spss if possible.
They are the shortcomings, conditions or influences that cannot be controlled by the researcher that place restrictions on your methodology.
Limitations Conti…
-Large number of sample is not taken because of time and cost
-Data for the study has been collected from one Bank only so the study will not be applicable to other bank in total.
-Only few variables has been considered for the research study.
-Area Limitation.
-Cultural Limitation.
Body of the Report Conti..
Data Presentation: Classify the data on some certain basis and present such data in graph and table etc.
Analysis of Results: After the management of data in certain design, researcher should analyze the data using statistical technique.
Findings: Result is described from the analysis part. It should be written bullet wise.
Body of the Report Conti..
Summary: summary of previous chapter in brief
i.e. Summary of chapter 1 and chapter 2 briefly.
Conclusion: Gist of findings
Types of Diagram
There are two types of Diagram
1) Bar diagram
Simple bar diagram
Sub-divided bar diagram
Percentage bar diagram
Multiple bar diagram
2) Pie chart
Simple bar diagram
A bar diagram that presents the single dimension or variable of the data is known as simple-bar diagram.

Year 2070 2071 2072 2073 2074
Sales in Lakh 20 15 30 25 26

Sales (in lakh)


Sales (in lakh)






2070 2071 2072 2073 2074
Sub-divided bar diagram
It is used when total dimension of given variable are to be divided into various components

Percentage bar diagram

A bar diagram that is prepared considering the various dimensions of a subject or variable in percentage is known as percentage bar diagram

Multiple bar diagram
A bar diagram that is prepared to present the two or more than sets of data is known as multiple bar diagram.

Pie chart
A pie chart is the diagrammatic presentation of data in the percentage of value.

Descriptive statistical tools are described below:
a) Frequency: Frequency refers to the number of repetition of variables and events or subject.
For e.g.: if a manager of a newly established company wants to forecast the demand of noodles considering to the industry demand then he/she measures the frequency as follows

Noodles Frequency
RARA 250
Wai-Wai 400
Mayos 350
Rumpum 150
Golmol 200
Miho 150
Total 1500

b) Measurement of central tendency
Simple arithmetic  mean:  The  arithmetic mean is a mathematical representation of the typical value of a series of numbers, calculated as the sum of all the numbers in the series divided by the count of all numbers in the series.
For e.g.: Student of a section has obtained 30, 20, 50 and 90 marks and then the average marks they obtain are calculated as follows
Mean=(30+20+50+90)/4=47.5 marks
Credit deposit ratio of SBI and ICCR

2007-08 77.57 84.99
2008-09 74.97 91.44
2009-10 73.56 90.04
2010-11 76.32 87.81
2011-12 78.50 92.23
MEAN 76.184 89.302

The above table depicts that over the course of five financial periods of study the mean of Credit Deposit Ratio in ICICI was higher (89.302%) than in SBI (76.184%). This shows that ICICI Bank has created more loan assets from its deposits as compared to SBI
Mean and Standard deviation

S.No Survey Mean Standard Deviation
1 I find using the ATM very simple 4.1 1.019
2 I prefer using ATM for my utility payments 3.9 1.029
3 I use other banks ATM with my
bank ATM card easily 3.8 0.660
Supplementary Section
For a book with one author
EXAMPLE Kotler, P. (20› 0). Marketing ma Fta &€!' €?Ett
implementation and contro/. New Delhi: Pr

Robbins, S. P. (2009). Organizational behavior: Conce pts, contrc›versies
applications. New Delhi: Prentice-Hall of India.
For a book with two or more authors
EXAMPLE Beardwell, I., & Holden, L. (2007). Human resource management: A
contemporary perspective. Delh"i: Macmillan India.
Arnold,  j., Robertson,  I. T., &  Cooper,  C. L. (1996). Work psyc . Understanding human behavior in the workplace. Delhi: Macmillan lndix
Por ae edited book  
EXAMPLE Pant, P. R., & Manandhar, N. (Eds). (1998). Indu£rial mlai ions in book of readings. Kathmandu. FNF and IRF.


¥XAM¥tc Nepal Bed Cres. l2QI4j. fizt repwo¥atñe Vonf*¥ ••*•*^**•

wi» author is also ie publisher, witc Author for 4e puhiAef.
* A the ten, the first cintion reads diis way: (Nepal Red Crou {HRCJ› %) citations read (NRC, 2009).

lire repremniatñe training manu4 t20081. ltathaandu: h&petRmt Cnus.

For a work withoat date o» publisbn
»**«• ‹e•*i•. ‹•A› *•'w'^ *° ***••^**«* **«*<•
Corporate Publishing Alliance. '
o Us n. p. for no publisher or no pkm.

Pa a brochwe or pamphlet

Thic eulry ould also read as follows:
&ospectus (2011). hthmamlu: ApeX


For an encycloped‘ia *‘ "”’'

£XAMPB Pang P. R. (J993). Hamaa+ecas‹e deefiyeaafi A

For a newspaper
**//ttLE 7he Rising Nepal (2010, july 1S). g. 2.

$'0P 8 pager presented at a seminar
IXAMPLt Sharma, B. (2007, june). WTO: its :mpao on the educa/o« eao. j!pg present% at the seminar of ñssociaGon of Busir Studens, €etgt Department ol Management Ki4ipor, Nepd. . ’

For cassette recording
EXAMPLE Khanal, K.R. (Speaker). (2007). Con4/t«ti0fla/ RfonriS
Recording No. S1). Kathmandu: Nepâ Pd6cd fotuzn.

For personal e-mail

Guwruinngg R. K. (.2@7,, Feebwwaayy 6)..'Mét‹$..ta”és : A
Available e-mail: deanmg@¿sJth5&ddgag.Q@¿,
F0r jownal arficles oake Internet
Elé¥Ftt \u6bt, 4. (268). The language ntten in nzn z¿enent pi#e›i#. jy
Nepa/ Reriew lonlinel. évail»bIe:
September l2j.

#0FIxteoet site
€$h§://NM¥.he§fe.01$.b§ /§/}/3(@J

(/)t#lg\I #£#00/ 0(ébITIlni1ratl0n (onlinel (‹ited 2008, jznuap /). Availade:
*#k§1/\YNN. ddM. C0. 1 §> 11008, februay 9),

                 g#âh#âfl, g. (?D08, /\tâfC# }§). Neptl’s ‹ultu/eand |gg/g|gy|gggg '*“
é8C Inxitution|. lonlinel. Available: <htp:¿wv. at» p,
Mzr‹h 281,
Guidelines for Research Report
Paper: A4 size paper. Single side printing is essential.
Chapter number: The chapter number is to be kept in centre of the page. It is to be written in Capital Letter below the top of the page with two inches. Following the spaces below should be the title of the chapters in capital letter. The font for the chapter number and title of the chapter should be Times New Roman and Size of the  font should be 16.
For e.g.: CHAPTER I
-Left: 1.5 inch
-Top: 1 inch
-Bottom: 1 inch
-Right: 1 inch

Guidelines For Research Report…
Spacing: The report must be 1.5 spaced. Single spacing may be used only in the table of contents, charts, graphs, tables, quotations, appendices and references.
Page number from Chapter 1 to Appendix: Page number should be placed at the upper right hand corner of the page. The page number from Chapter 1 to Appendix should be kept in Arabic form.
For e.g.: 1, 2, 3…….35, 36…..
Page number from Declaration to Abbreviation: The page number from declaration should start in Roman form. The lower case Roman numerals are placed within the footer (bottom center).
For e.g.: ii, iii, iv……ix…
Font and Size: Times New Roman, font size is 12
Text must be justified.
Length of the Project Report: The length of the Project Report will be around 8,000 to 10,000 words(approximately 30 – 35 pages). The length is exclusive of the materials included in the preliminary section and appendixes.
Research topics
Perceived Service Quality and Student Satisfaction of Community Campuses.
Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction (With reference to CG Electronic Goods)
Service Quality and Customer Purchase Intention (With reference to Samsung Electronic Goods)
Effect of Advertisement on consumer buying behavior
Relationship between website attributes and customer satisfaction in Commercial Bank
Effect of Advertisement on sales (A case study of SR Foods Pvt. Ltd.)
Satisfaction level of customer on ATM services
Effect of Social Media Marketing on Consumer buying behavior
Research topics
The effect of brand image on consumer taste preferences.
Consumer awareness and usage of e-banking transactions through mobile phones
Factors behind brand switching in the Telecom industry.
Factors influencing customer satisfaction in health care services.
Effect of radio advertisement on sales.
Factors influencing consumer retention in hotels.

Research topics
Market interest rate and profitability.
Relationship of Deposit and Profitability
Capital structure (Debt and equity) and profitability
Financial performance of commercial bank.
A comparative study of financial performance of two banks.
Effects of merger and acquisitions on Profitability
Effect of working capital on firms profitability
Capital structure (Debt and equity) and profitability

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