Share Market Investment Guidelines for Beginners

Investment Guidelines

1. When purchasing securities at the time of public issue:

Make investment decisions only after studying the company's statement of disposal and analyzing the company's performance status, financial position (net worth, profit and loss position, etc.), management side, risk side.

Contact the issuing company, the issuing and sales manager, and the designated application collection centers for other updated details related to the issuing company, including the statement.

After applying for the purchase of securities, be aware of the distribution of securities, repayment, receipt of certificates and listing.

Be aware of the risk of change in the market value of the securities as the issue price of the securities does not reflect the value to be maintained in the stock exchange after listing.

2. When buying and selling securities listed in the stock exchange market:

Buy and sell securities only through a stockbroker who has obtained a certificate from the Securities and Exchange Board and is a member of the stock exchange market.

Study the company's periodic and annual reports and make investment decisions based on important factors such as the company's performance, finances, management, and returns to investors.

Also, keep abreast of the daily market value and turnover of securities circulated through newspapers and other media.

Sensitive information that may affect the price of securities related to the company is immediately placed on the notice board of the securities exchange market, so contact the licensed securities broker for information related to such information.

Before buying and selling securities, you need to provide the required details to the broker to keep the customer account, get the proof of the purchase and sale order given by you and clear the transaction within 3 working days after the transaction and in the case of bonds or debentures. Stay tuned.

In order to provide necessary details to the broker to keep the customer account before buying and selling the securities, the securities purchased in the purchase order are registered in the stock exchange market for immediate sale without transferring their name. Don't miss the opportunity to get a dividend that the company can declare by taking a certificate in your name before closing the book or before the end of the financial year.

3. Other things to pay attention to:

Since you have to bear the risk of investing in securities, make decisions about investing at your own discretion, not motivated by rumors, unnecessary publicity or deception.

Be sure to keep abreast of the activities of the company you bought the shares from and attend the company's general meeting.

When investing in securities, be sure to avoid future identity disputes by presenting your citizenship certificate or official identity issued by the Government of Nepal.

If you have any queries, doubts or complaints regarding investing in securities, please contact the Securities Dealer, Securities Exchange Market and Securities Board.

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