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Name, not only represents the identity of the person but also his community, country and religion. Our civilization and culture considers the 11th day of birth as the day of naming. The name is derived from the Pandit by looking at the date of birth, constellation, clock, etc. The name given by the Pandit on the 11th day of his birth is a means to be known in the world or to prove him different from others. So the name is meaningful, does not match with others and sounds good when called. Due to modernization, urbanization and migration, not everyone may have the opportunity to seek the advice of a Pandit

Also, the name of the jury (the name of the zodiac is common) may not match with the time or it may not sound good. In such cases, it is called and a different name is used as a formal name. For that, many people turn over the dictionary and ask people. Some people even hear the name of the child by adding different words to the name of the husband and wife. The internet and digital technology have given people not only the meaning of Sanskrit but also the name. There are many websites on the Internet today that can help you name your child. Naming websites are a repository of the variety of names as well as the meanings of the three. Some of them are mentioned below.

Pick the best name for your children which shows, culture, community, country, identity, unique and meaningful.


Website: is the most useful website for Nepalis. It has the facility to read Nepali festivals, religious texts, date and calendar. This website is the source of information about Nepali Festival including Jankhu, Lhosar, Tichi, Buddha Jayanti, Chhath, Yomri Punhi, Maghe Sakranti, Teej, Gathemangal from marriage, bel marriage, bratbandha. It also contains astrological material. An important aspect of this website is that it has a collection of Nepali names that are useful for Nepali children. Along with the meaning, it suggests the names to be kept for Nepali boys and girls. From here, things get trickier for kids.



This website is a great store for children looking for names. In which Hindu gods and goddesses and various names in vogue are kept. The meaning of the names placed in alphabetical order as well as help in choosing the appropriate name can also be found on this website. It can be found that separate names are recommended for girls and boys. This website gives you the opportunity to make a suitable choice by comparing the names you like.



This website is full of useful names for children around the world. It can be found that the names are arranged in order according to the country, religion and culture. This website has more than four lakh 14 thousand three hundred names. The website states that its purpose is to help parents choose the appropriate name based on birth, number and astrology.



It has identified itself as a website with 100,000 names of Hindu words. The website, which was initially welcomed by Krishna Bhajan, suggests different names for boys and girls. In which names can be chosen on the basis of different numbers according to numerology. It also has a number chart. Similarly, it has the facility to search for names on the basis of astrology. It also mentions horoscopes and constellations from the point of view of marriage.



This website has names for babies born around the world. It has names that are suitable for children from African, American to Asian and European. It also recommends unique names that do not match the names of popular choices around the world. The website has a collection of more than 151,000 names.

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