Useful Short Codes for Nepal Telecom Mobile, Landline, ADSL, FTTH, Inquiry & Complain Services

Useful Short Codes for Nepal Telecom Mobile Service, Landline, ADSL, FTTH, Inquiry & Complain Services

A. Mobile Services

  1. Packages/Latest Offers: Dial *1415# 
  2. Balance Check Balance: Dial *400#  
  3. Mobile Number Check: Dial *9#  
  4. SIM Owner Check: Dial *922#  
  5. Call Forward Activate: Dial **21*98xxxxxxxx*Forwarding Number#  
  6. Call Forward Call Forward Cancel: Dial##002#  
  7. Call Waiting Activate: Dial *43#  
  8. Call Waiting Cancel: Dial  #43#
  9. Balance Transfer: Dial *422*SecurityCode*MobileNumber*Rs.#
  10. Security Code: SCODE and Send SMS to 1415  
  11. ISD ISD Activate: Dial #331*0000#
  12. ISD ISD Deactivate: Dial*331*0000#  
  13. CRBT Activate: Send SUB to 1455 (SMS) 
  14. CRBT Deactivate: Send Unsub to 1455 (SMS) 
  15. NAMASTE CREDIT activate: Send  START to 1477 (SMS)
  16. NAMASTE CREDIT deactivate: STOP to 1477 (SMS)
  17. MCA Activate: Dial *1400*1#
  18. MCA Deactivate: Dial*1400*2#
  19. FNF Activate: FNFSUB9841xxxxxx to 1415 (SMS) 
  20. Add FNF: ADD FNFADD01488xxxx to 1415 (SMS) 

B. Landline, ADSL, FTTH Service

  1. Landline Bill Inquiry: Send CB*01488xxxx to 1415 (SMS)
  2. ADSL Offer Validity: Send VL*NTADSL01488xxxx to 1415 (SMS) 
  3. ADSL Balance Inquiry: Send BL*NTADSL01488xxxx to 1415 (SMS) 

C. Inquiry & Complain Service

  1. Landline Telephone Repair: Dial 198 
  2. FTTH Repair: Dial 198
  3. Landline Number Inquiry: Dial 197
  4. Mobile Customer Support: Dial 1498
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