What is in the Employee Adjustment Ordinance?

The government has prepared to bring Employee Adjustment Ordinance-2075 to make employee adjustments at the federal, state and local level. The government is about to decline by dismissing the 'Employee Adjustment Act-2074' brought earlier.
Employee Adjustment Ordinance
Employee Adjustment Ordinance

Federal Affairs and General Administration Minister Lal Babu Pandit informed that the process for bringing an ordinance to three employees will be made. According to the federal structure, employees at the center should be adjusted at three levels, he said, 'It is about to take orders to accommodate employees.'

Minister Pandit said that the process of the ordinance was started as well as the public services commission was sent to consult. After the consultation of the Public Service Commission, the government will be approved by the Council of Ministers and send the President Vidya Devi Bhandari to the certification certificate.

Minister Pandit informed that there will be three level employees adjusting in the mid-December. The government is preparing to adjust around 45,000 employees, 21 in the state and 57 thousand employees in the local level.

After not getting the employee adjusted under the law before, the adjustment has started to make employees a state-level service facility by making attractive attention to the government and local level.

Similarly, the class category will be given category, if the four-year service has been served for fourth, four to seven years, and NAB Subba, who has been the senior fourth, academic qualification and the working for seven years, has been given the sixth, 10 years and minimum educational qualification for sixth grade. It is mentioned in the ordinance.

Similarly, the branch officer reached the service period less than five years of age, eight, 10 years, and the branch officer reached minimum education qualifications, to the Secretary-General for the ninth, five to 10 years working 10th, 10 years and the Secretary-General to the minimum qualification to the 11th level The following is mentioned in the mandate.

Inter-Services Competition has been arranged in the Ordinance. The employees with adjustment in the state are competing at a level of local level and adjustments at the local level will compete on a level of state level.

Priority of two years to be the priority of working posts, the employee is currently working in the state or local level, working in the geographical area, current permanent settlement address, adjusting the husband and wife in one place, until the address mentioned in the citizenship certificate and the age of mandatory leave. Generally, non-adjustable periods in the state or local level have the duration B is.

The details of the employee received the permanent appointment at the local level have been mentioned in the Ordinance to send the District Coordination Committee (JAS) to the ministry within a month after the ordinance.

The ordinance has also been arranged in the state from the state, local level from the state, from local level to transfer the employees to the state, the employees who have been an adjustment from the open competition can be re-assembled.

Ministry spokesman Spokesperson Suresh Adhikari told that the government has got adjustments for further service comfort. "The Ordinance from the previous law has added some facilities to the staff," he said, adding that "there is an employee adjustment according to the added service facility." There is a lack of staff at the state and local level when there is no employee adjustment.
See here original portable document file of Employee Adjustment Ordinance-2075.
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