Sample Cover Letter to Register .NP Domain

The Format of Handwritten Cover Letter to Register. NP Domain is as follows. Change the Red Mark Area below according to your own. Date of Application, Domain Name to be registered, Your Full Name and Your Signature must be mentioned correctly. Scan and upload it.
Hand Written Cover Letter for,, domain name for Nepal

Note: For an Organization/Institution the handwritten letter must be in their letter pad (See below Pic. no. 2).
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For Personal Domain Name:

cover letter sample to register domain

Sample Cover Letter

Date: Today's Date 
The Host Master 
Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd.
Durbar Marg Kathmandu Nepal 

Dear Sir/Madam, 
I would like to register the .np domain name. I have already submitted the domain name registration online form. I have attached my scanned copy of citizenship with this application.  
I will happy if you register my .np domain name as soon as possible. Thank you for considering my application.  

Domain Name: 

Yours Sincerely, 
Your Full Name
Your Signature

For an Organization/Institution:

This is a sample letter for the domain name of the Organization or Institution, the handwritten cover letter must be in their letter pad.  Sample Cover Letter to Register .NP Domain
(The example here we have shown is of Goreto Nepal Kapilvastu,, the website is developed by our team)
Thank you.
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