Free Setup .np Domain with Blogger and Namecheap DNS

Blogger is the most popular web publishing platform. It is easy and fully free of cost. It was developed by Pyra Labs and later bought by Google. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed by subdomain It also supports third-party domains.
Namecheap is one of the world's top domain name registrars, It also hosts DNS records of third-party domains. It has both premium and freemium services.
If you search for free setup of a website with a free domain name, free DNS service, and free unlimited hostings, you are at the right place. Here I give you the easiest tutorial to host your free domain name, free DNS service with the world's top name server Namecheap and hosting with free blogging platform Blogger. 
Free Domain, Free DNS Service, Free Unlimited Hosting for .NP Domain. Easy Tutorial for free setup website.

Step by step tutorial to free host with Blogger and Namecheap

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  • After your domain will become active, browse Sign up for a free account. 
  • Click the header option "Domain" and click on freeDNS.
    free Setup with Blogger and Namecheap
  • In the Namecheap dashboard, your domain name will be shown if you have chosen Namecheap as a primary and secondary name server. (Please Read: How to choose one of the world's top registrar Namecheap as a Domain Name Server for the '.NP' Domain registration)
    free Setup with Blogger and Namecheap
  • Click on "Manage" (pointed on above Screenshot), click on advance DNS, and fill the host records CNAME Record, A Record. (Due to security reasons CNAME record has hidden below). Put your Domain Name in the place of URL Redirect Record.
    free Setup with Blogger and Namecheap
  • The First CNAME Record is the same for all but the Second is different. For the Second CNAME record. Browse, Sign in your Gmail id, Go to "Basic Setting" in your Blogger dashboard, click on "+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog" (It is found just below your Put your '.NP' Domain Name and save, there will be shown two CNAME Record. Copy your CNAME and add to your Namecheap Host Record as in the above Screenshot and save it. You will also see "error 9" in your Blogger.
    free Setup with Blogger and Namecheap
  • After adding the host record, please wait for a few hours to a day, the "error 9" will be disappeared on adding the domain to your blogger. Then the setup will complete.
  • Now browse your website, which will now open.
That's it. Keep blogging. If you have any queries regarding the topic, please drop a comment below.  
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