Why professional and public figures need their own personal website?

Let’s talk, why professional and public figures need their own personal website? 

This is the era of technology. Technology made the world narrower. Everything nowadays becoming worldwide because of the World Wide Web. Just now what is happening in the whole world, every individual can get updates by keep in touch with the internet. We have a product to sell, or we have words to express with the public, We need not go in front of the public, we just can sell our products or can express our views via the internet.
There is huge traffic of websites on the internet. The development of social networks increased the access of the internet to the general public. But this huge traffic made us more confusing. If we search on Facebook to find a profile or page of any public figure, we find many similar profiles and pages. We can distinguish which is real and which is a fake id, with the help of their personal website (blog). Therefore official personal websites (blogs) make them more distinct, even more, professional and closer to their target public.
Reasons for necessity of Website for Professional and Public figures.
Public figures can manage their activity and can easily notify their target public worldwide via their blog. The general public can easily find whole identification and activities by just typing the URL (nameofpublicfigure.com) in their web browser. Therefore we find nowadays the official website for each and every public figure.
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