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Nepal's Geography


Team GyanPark 10 Sep, 2023

Section Officer 4th Paper 2079

Section Officer 2079. Exam held on 2080/04/27

Team GyanPark 13 Aug, 2023

Section Officer Exam Paper 2077

2nd Paper 3rd Paper 4th paper

Chakrapani Bhandari 10 Aug, 2023

Section Officer 3rd Paper 2079/080

Section Officer 3rd Paper. Exam held on 2080/04/23

Team GyanPark 10 Aug, 2023

Section Officer Second Paper Question 2079/080

Section Officer 2nd Paper 2079/080. Exam held on 2080/04/25 For Law Exam. Exam 2080/04/22

Team GyanPark 10 Aug, 2023

Grammatically Correct Nepali Writing (PDF)

नेपाली भाषाको शुद्ध प्रयोगको लागि नेपाली वर्ण विन्यास Nepali character set is presented here for pure use of Nepali language.

Chakrapani Bhandari 28 Jul, 2023

Mentioning the strengths and weaknesses of the proportional representation system, discuss the distortions in the proportional representation system in Nepal.

The proportional representation (PR) system is a method of allocating legislative seats based on the proportion of votes a political party r...

Loksewa Diary 19 Jul, 2023

1.7. Multi-level governance and Nepal: informal governance, civil society governance, local governance, cooperative governance, corporate governance and United Nations Organization

Multi-level governance Multi-level or multi-sector governance refers to a governance approach that involves collaboration and coordination a...

Susmita Paudel 9 Jun, 2023 2

1.6 National security management: concept, scope and existing provisions of national security in Nepal

National Security Management  Concept National security management refers to the processes, policies, and strategies implemented by a countr...

Susmita Paudel 9 Jun, 2023