Canada is the best destination for higher education, how much does it cost?

Many students are interested in how and where to get a quality education. Where is the best opportunity to study? And the variety of advice given by different people adds confusion even to students and parents.

Lately, there has been a wave of people going abroad for higher education. Students who have studied abroad get good employment opportunities both at home and abroad. For the same reason, parents and students decide to go abroad for higher education.

Then another tension is added - which country to go to? How to go How much does it cost?

When choosing which country to go to, students look at two main things: quality education and employment opportunities. Not only this, reasonable tuition fees and scholarships also become a matter of choice.


Understanding all of this, Canada can be a great destination. Canada has recently become a center of attraction for many students.

Almost all the countries have closed their borders at a time when the epidemic of Covid-19 is affecting the whole world. But because Canada has opened its doors to international students, the attraction of Nepali students towards Canada has also increased. What are the procedures for going to Canada, which is the choice of many?

Various such queries that come to the mind of the students are addressed here.

Why Canada?

Canada can be an excellent educational destination for Nepalis as they can get the appropriate tuition fee and scholarship facility as per their desire. There are excellent universities in Canada. Canada may also be a good option, as you are more likely to be allowed to work as soon as you graduate and to be able to get PR after graduation.

Recently, the number of Nepali students going to Canada has also increased significantly.

This is not the only reason why Nepali students have to choose Canada. Canada also has good service facilities for international students. Tuition fees and tuition fees are also cheaper.

In addition, international students studying in Canada also receive various scholarships. Marriott-based scholarships are generally available in Canada. The chances of getting a scholarship depend on the GPA you get here and the GPA you get in Canada. Quality education, scholarships and job opportunities are the hallmarks of Canada. Canadian universities offer scholarships ranging from 10 percent to 100 percent for international students.

There are rumors in the market that Canada's weather is not good for living. But the managing director of the Consultancy dAH, which has been working in the field for a long time, advises not to believe such baseless rumors.

According to him, Canada is a great place to study as well as a great place to live in terms of weather.

Is it easy to get a visa?

Parents and students are also confused as to whether it is difficult to get a Canadian visa. But that is not the case. It is not difficult to get a Canadian visa if all the documents are well matched and the process is completed.

You need to get good marks on the language test to go to Canada. There should be no gap during the study. Paying a one-year tuition fee in advance and preparing the necessary documents well will make the visa easier for Canada.

Hari Adhikari, manager of the Canadian Study Center, says: "The first step in applying for a student visa in Canada is to get a letter of acceptance from a college or university."

He said that after Bachelor, most of the students go for Post Graduation Courses and after paying 1- year fee, the visa will be easier.

There is also confusion in the market as to whether to apply for a diploma or not. There is a curiosity that it costs a lot to get a master's degree. But, these are all baseless rumors.

It seems that he went to study for a diploma as he is financially moderate after plus-two. It is seen that those who are in good financial condition have gone for bachelor's degrees. It is difficult to get admission in Canada in the master's program other than MBA after bachelor. But, not impossible.

The cost of going to Canada varies depending on the course the student chooses and the university or college. It usually costs 1.8 to 2.2 million to go to Canada for study.

Which is IELTS or PTE?

Students also have confusion regarding another language test. Do ILTS or PTE? It is also heard that some people do not get visas with PTE. But the reality is not like that. If they complete the required documents and get PTE, they will also get a visa. Anup Adhikari, manager of the Canadian Study Center, said that the PTE students are also getting visas.

According to him, in IELTS, the overall score should be at least 6.5 and in PTE, it should be above 58 points.

How to write SOP?

In general, SOPA should mention what your plans are, what you are doing, why you are going to Canada, what to do after returning from Canada. Nepali students do not write SOP very well. SOP should be simple and realistic rather than very good. SOPs written in simple and general language can be considered good.

What are the job opportunities?

Nepali students going to Canada also get good employment opportunities. Students receive a 20-hour work permit during their studies. During the holidays, they are allowed to work up to 40 hours a week, and after completing a two-year course, they are allowed to work for three years under the Post Graduation Work Permit Program.

What are the chances of getting PR?

"Canada is a good country for settlement," said Dipesh KC, manager of CIC Education Hub. He says Canada is a great destination for those who want to settle abroad permanently. He says that PR can be obtained within three to five years of going there.

Excellent education at affordable prices, suitable scholarships and cheap tuition fees seem to be the reasons for choosing Canada. Not only this, with the favorable weather and study opportunities available in Canada, Canada has become a center of attraction for Nepali students.

Recently, many consultants have been seen in the market sending to Canada, the country of their choice. But not everyone gives the right advice. Therefore, it is important for any student to understand the whole process once and for all and to seek the advice of reliable and experienced consultants so that no student can come to Canada by mistake or cheat.

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