License Exam Question for Class A/K & B (Download)

The Department of Transport Management has made public the new syllabus of the written test for driver's license.

License Examination Operating Procedure Guideline, 2077 (Class 'A',  (A / K) for Motorcycle / Scooter, Moped and Class 'B' (B) Car / Jeep / Delivery Van was approved on 19th March 2077.

The Rules of Procedure 2078 has come into force on 1st May.

The license examination is resumed, the license examination will be taken on the basis of the new syllabus.

Pursuant to Article 5 (2) of the said directive, for the purpose of written examination to be taken for class 'A' (A / K) and class 'B' (B). Has been published on its website.

License Exam Question for Class A/K & B (Download)

Conducting written examination for class 'A' (A / K) and class 'B' (B), 20 questions at the rate of 5 marks for each question will be collected from the same subject area. The question paper should be prepared by selecting the objective questions.

The department has informed that the questions collected in the mentioned question paper will be amended annually on the basis of Vehicle Act and regulations, traffic rules, policy directives issued by the department and new technology used in vehicles. The department believes that the public publication of the question paper collection will make it easier for the candidates to prepare for the written test.

This is a new curriculum with questions and answers.

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