Google Doodles Says Happy Republic Day to Nepal and Nepali

Google Doodles Says Happy Republic Day to Nepal and Nepali
  • Nepal Republic Day 2016

  • Happy Republic Day, Nepal!

    Today's doodle shows Nepal's national bird, the Danphe, or the Himalayan Monal. The male pheasant is brilliantly plumed with iridescent colors highlighting the beauty of Nepal. The female, a mild brown, represents its constancy and warmth. Similarly, Nepal is a nation of vibrancy and contrast, counting among its features both the world's highest and most unforgiving peak and the well-preserved and magical temples and shrines of Kathmandu.

    The landscape is an appropriate metaphor for the history of a nation in which, despite the great upheaval, peace prevails. We hope today's doodle by Alyssa Winans brings pride and joy to the people of Nepal.

Google Doodles Says Happy Republic Day to Nepal and Nepali

  • May 29, 2015

    Nepal Republic Day 2015

  • Today, we honor the strength and resilience of the people of Nepal. On May 28th, 2008, after decades of revolution and protests, Nepal became the Federal Democratic Republic of NepalSeven years later, this country is an international symbol of splendor, peace, and tenacity.

    In the aftermath of the recent devastating and tragic earthquakes, our hearts and minds are with the people of Nepal and the aid workers there helping to heal and mend families as they regain their footing, standing again as their world shifts beneath their feet.

    We hope today's Doodle will remind the people of Nepal that they are an inspiration to the entire world and that their burning perseverance lights the way for us all. The concept of light in this Doodle means three things for Nepal: the celebration of this National day, prayers to Buddha, and a guiding light on the way home.

    Google is committed to supporting efforts to rebuild and to help carry the load on the difficult climb to recovery. Google Crisis Response map can help get the lay of the land and the Person Finder can help locate friends and loved ones.

    We'll see you at the peak, again, Nepal.

Google Doodles Says Happy Republic Day to Nepal and Nepali

  • May 29, 2018

    Nepal Republic Day 2018

  • In today’s Doodle, one of the rose-gold peaks of the Himalayas rises through the clouds in honor of Nepal’s 11th National Republic Day. The holiday commemorates the country becoming a federal democratic republic on May 28, 2008, ending 239 years of monarchy.

    Republic Day, also called Ganatantra Diwas, is celebrated throughout Nepal and around the world. Typically, a parade held in Tundikhel—a wide, open space in the heart of Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu—is chief among the celebrations. In years past, government officials have released pigeons, a sign of peace, from the Army Pavilion. Army helicopters splashed with the Republic flag sprinkled flower petals from the sky. The Nepal Army, Nepal Police, and the Armed Police Force marched with artists, musicians, and karatekas (practitioners of karate), displaying different aspects of Nepal’s myriad cultures and traditions.

    Today, we wish Nepalis everywhere a happy Ganatantra Diwas with the country’s colorful prayer flags and magnificent mountains—a symbol of national pride.

    Doodle by Vrinda V Zaveri

Google Doodles Says Happy Republic Day to Nepal and Nepali

  • May 29, 2017

    Nepal Republic Day 2017

  • The Republic of Nepal is a nation of immense diversity and cultural richness. It’s also the only country in the world whose flag is not rectangular! The flag’s crimson red represents the bravery of Nepal’s people. Its blue borders symbolize peace and harmony for this nation of more than 120 ethnic groups, speaking as many native languages, that were united by the Republic’s formation in 2008.


    The biggest ceremonial parades take place in Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu, but Nepalese people around the world celebrate. 


    Happy Republic Day, Nepal!

Google Doodles Says Happy Holi to Nepal and Nepali
  • March 12, 2017

    Holi Festival 2017 (Nepal)

  • Today, the Google letters are taking on a fresh set of colors in honor of the Holi festival. Coinciding with the arrival of spring, the vibrant celebration looks a lot like the Doodle: people run around happily covering each other in a rainbow of powdery hues.

    Amid the cloud of red, blue, yellow, green, and everything in between, festival-goers can often be found laughing, singing, and dancing in the streets. The joyous event, which takes place in Nepal and other countries around the world, traditionally marks the triumph of good over evil. It also gives family and friends a chance to simply come together, enjoying a spirited “Festival of Colors” that undoubtedly lives up to its name.


Happy Republic Day Nepal

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