Important Websites for Loksewa Preparation

These are some essential websites for the preparation for the Loksewa exam. Important updates and authentic data can be found on these websites. Below are the Websites by categories.
List of Important Website for Loksewa Preparation

Some of the examples of data that can be found from these websites are; budget of Nepal/Red Book, Yellow Book, White Book on the website of the Ministry of Finance, more updated information about Nepal on the website of Department of Information, Periodic Plan from National Planning Commission. Foreign Policy and the Diplomatic relation of Nepal from MoFA website.

Similarly, all Laws and Policies including the Constitution of Nepal on the website of Law Commission, Federal laws and Policies from MOFAGA website, Loksewa advertisement, course of study and all information of public service commission from PSC website, national parks and animals by types, monetary policy from NRB website, various national/international organizations, their establishment date, headquarters and details about them can be studied from their respective websites and many more.

Be aware of fake information/data from fake sites and also with fake books. These are the authentic sites for the essential data for Loksewa preparation. (Other authentic websites we will add soon)
Click these websites.

eLearning Websites:

Ministry, Commission and Department


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