Government's Policy and Programme 2076/077

President Bidhya Devi Bhandari presents Nepal Government's Policy and Programme for 2076/077. Read/Download full documents here.

Team GyanPark 3 May, 2019

NRB Monetary Policy 2075/76

Nepal Rastra Bank, Central Bank of Nepal's monetary policy for the fiscal year 2075/76 delivered by Governor Dr. Chiranjibi Nepal. Read/...

Team GyanPark 29 Jul, 2018

Nepal's Federal Budget of Fiscal Year 2075-76

Finance Minister Dr. Yubraj Khatiwada presents the full federal budget of the Fiscal Year 2075-76 to the Parliament with the long-term objec...

Team GyanPark 28 Jul, 2018

14th plan (Fiscal year 2073/74 - 2075/76) Nepal

The National Planning Commission (NPC) is the apex advisory body of the Government of Nepal for formulating a national vision, periodic plan...

Team GyanPark 22 Feb, 2018

Budget Speech of Fiscal Year 2074/75 Nepal

Budget Speech of Fiscal Year 2017/18 (2074/75) Government of Nepal Ministry of Finance 29 May 2017 (Jesth 15, 2074). Budget Speech of Fiscal...

Team GyanPark 16 Feb, 2018

Summary of National Census 2068 Nepal

Summary of National Census 2011 (2068 BS) Nepal conducted a widespread national census in 2011 by the Central Bureau of Statistics, National...

Team GyanPark 16 Feb, 2018

Summary of Monetary Policy 2074/75 by Nepal Rastra Bank

The summary of Monetary Policy by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).  Central Bank of Nepal; Nepal Rastra Bank NRB The monetary policy for 2017/18 is ...

Team GyanPark 15 Feb, 2018

The Constitution of Nepal 2072

Constitution of Nepal (Nepal ko Sambidhan) Preamble:  We, the Sovereign People of Nepal,  Internalizing the people's sovereign right and...

Team GyanPark 22 Jan, 2018